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1920 Kings Co. Brooklyn Eds/Assembly Districts
20th Assembly District
No. of E.D. 1231
Queens Bor.line, 
No. of E.D. 1232 Nimrod, Queens Bor.line, Harmon, Irving
No. of E.D. 1233 Harmon, Queens Bor.line, Greene, Irving
No. of E.D. 1234 Harmon, Irving, Bleeker, Knickerbocker
No. of E.D. 1235 Himrod, Irving, Harmon, Knickerbocker
No. of E.D. 1236 Stanhope, Irving, Himrod, Knickerbocker
No. of E.D. 1237 Stanhope, Knickerbocker, Himrod, Myrtle & Wilson Ave.
No. of E.D. 1238 Myrtle & Harmon, Knickerbocker, Bleeker, Wilson Ave.
No. of E.D. 1239 DeKalb, Wilson Ave., Stockholm, Evergreen Ave.
No. of E.D. 1240 Stockholm, Wilson Ave., Stanhope, Evergreen Ave.
No. of E.D. 1241 Stanhope, Wilson Ave., Nimrod, Evergreen Ave.
No. of E.D. 1242 Nimrod, Wilson Ave., Harmon, Evergreen Ave.
No. of E.D. 1243 DeKalb, Evergreen Ave., Stockholm, Bushwick Ave., Kossuth Place, Broadway
No. of E.D. 1244 Home for the Aged
No. of E.D. 1245 Harmon, Wilson Ave., Greene, Evergreen Ave.
No. of E.D. 1246 Greene, Wilson Ave., Hansel??, Evergreen Ave.
No. of E.D. 1247 Hansel??, Wilson Ave., Menahan, Evergreen Ave.
No. of E.D. 1248 Menahan, Wilson Ave., Grove, Evergreen Ave.
No. of E.D. 1249 Grove, Wilson Ave., Linden, Evergreen Ave.
No. of E.D. 1250 Linden, Wilson Ave., Gates, Evergreen Ave.
No. of E.D. 1251 Gates, Wilson Ave., Palmetto, Evergreen Ave.
No. of E.D. 1252 Palmetto, Wilson Ave., Woodbine, Evergreen Ave.
No. of E.D. 1253 Gates, Knickerbocker, Palmetto, Wilson Ave./TD>
No. of E.D. 1254 Linden, Knickerbocker, Gates, Wilson Ave.
No. of E.D. 1255 Grove, Knickerbocker, Linden, Wilson Ave.
No. of E.D. 1256 Menahan, Knickerbocker, Grove, Wilson Ave.
No. of E.D. 1257 Bleeker, Myrtle, Menahan, Wilson Ave.
No. of E.D. 1258 Menahan, Myrtle Bleeker Irving Grove Knickerbocker
No. of E.D. 1259 Grove, Irving, Linden, Knickerbocker
No. of E.D. 1260 Linden, Irving, Palmetto, Knickerbocker
No. of E.D. 1261 Bethany Deaconers Home..237 St. Nicholaus Ave. Greene Ave. Queens Boro.line, Bleeker Irving
No. of E.D. 1262 Bleeker Queens Boro.line, Menahan, Wyckoff Ave. Irving Ave. St.Nicholaus Ave.
No. of E.D. 1635 Wyckoff, Menahan, Irving, Bleeker Ralph St.
No. of E.D. 1263 Menahan, Queens Boro.line, Grove, Irving Wyckoff Ave. St. Nicholaus Ave.
No. of E.D. 1264 Grove, Queens Boro.line, Linden, Irving Wycoff Ave.
No. of E.D. 1265 Linden, Queens Boro.line, Wyckoff, Gates, Irving
No. of E.D. 1266 Gates, Wyckoff, Woodbine, Irving Ridgewood Place Palmetto St. Myrtle Ave.
No. of E.D. 1267 Weirfield St. Irving Ave. Hancock St. Jefferson Ave. Cornelia St. Putnam Ave. Ridgewood Place Madison St. Woodbine, Queens Boro.line, Irving
No. of E.D. 1268 Palmetto, Irving, Cornelia, Putnam Ave. Knickerbocker Ave.
No. of E.D. 1269 Palmetto, Knickerbocker, Woodbine St. Wilson Ave. Ave. Madison, Wilson Ave.
No. of E.D. 1270 Madison, Putnam Ave. Hamburg Ave. Knickerbocker, Cornelia, Wilson Ave.
No. of E.D. 1271 Cornelia, Knickerbocker Ave. Irving, Jefferson, Wilson Ave.
No. of E.D. 1272 Jefferson, Irving, Hancock, Knickerbocker, Weirfield, Wilson Ave.
No. of E.D. 1273 Weirfield, Knickerbocker, Hancock, Irving, Halsey, Eldert St., Wilson Ave.
No. of E.D. 1274 Knickerbocker, Eldert St., Halsey, Irving, (Queens Boro.line), Covert St. Wilson Ave.
No. of E.D. 1275 Covert St., (Queens Boro.line), Schaeffer St. Irving Ave. Cooper St. Knickerbocker Decatur St. Wilson Ave.
No. of E.D. 1276 Decatur St., Knickerbocker, Cooper St. Wilson Ave. Ave. Moffat St. St. Decatur St. St. W.line of Evergreen Ave. Cemetery,
No. of E.D. 1277 Schaeffer St. Decatur St. St. Wilson Ave. Cooper St. Central Ave.
No. of E.D. 1278 Schaeffer St. Cooper St. Decatur St. St. Central Ave. Moffat St. St. Evergreen Ave. Ave.
No. of E.D. 1279 Moffat St. Central Ave. Cooper St. Wilson Ave. Chauncey St. Central Ave.
No. of E.D. 1280 Granite St. Stewart St. Vanderveer St. De Sales Place Aberdeen St.Furman Ave. Bushwick Ave. Ave.
No. of E.D. 1281 Granite St. Furman Ave. Bushwick Ave. Aberdeen St. De Sales Place Eastern Pwky Extension Broadway
No. of E.D. 1282 Chauncey St. Bushwick Ave. Evergreen Ave. Pilling St.
No. of E.D. 1717 Pilling St. Bushwick Ave. Bushwick Parkway Evergreen Ave. Granite St. Broadway
No. of E.D. 1283 Cooper St. Evergreen Ave. Moffat St. Bushwick Ave. Chauncey St. Broadway
No. of E.D. 1284 German Evangelistical Home..625 Chauncey St.
No. of E.D. 1285 Decatur St. Bushwick Ave. Moffat St. Decatur St. Evergreen Ave. Cooper St. Broadway
No. of E.D. 1286 NO NAMES Listed
No. of E.D. 1287 Halsey St. Bushwick Ave. Eldert St. St. Covert St. Broadway
No. of E.D. 1288 Covert St. Bushwick Ave. Schaeffer St. Evergreen Ave. Decatur St. Broadway
No. of E.D. 1289 Eldert St. Covert St. Evergreen Ave. Schaeffer St. Bushwick Ave.
No. of E.D. 1290Weirfield, Evergreen Ave., Eldert St., Bushwick Ave., Halsey, Broadway
No. of E.D. 1291Hancock, Central Ave., Halsey, Evergreen Ave.
No. of E.D. 1292Halsey, Central Ave., Covert St., Evergreen Ave.
No. of E.D. 1293Inc. Convent of Dominic's Savior, Covert St., Central Ave., Eldert St., Schaeffer St., Evergreen Ave.
No. of E.D. 1669Eldert St., Wilson Ave., Covert St., Central Ave.
No. of E.D. 1670Covert St., Wilson Ave., Schaeffer St., Central Ave.
No. of E.D. 1294Hancock, Wilson Ave., Eldert St., Central Ave.
No. of E.D. 1295Jefferson, Wilson Ave., Hancock, Evergreen Ave.
No. of E.D. 1296Cornelia, Wilson Ave., Jefferson, Evergreen Ave.
No. of E.D. 1297Putnam, Wilson Ave., Cornelia, Evergreen Ave.
No. of E.D. 1298Madison, Wilson Ave., Putnam, Evergreen Ave.
No. of E.D. 1299Woodbine, Wilson Ave. Madison, Evergreen Ave.
No. of E.D. 1300Grove, Evergren, Woodbine, Bushwick Ave.
No. of E.D. 1301Woodbine, Evergren, Cornelia, Bushwick Ave.
No. of E.D. 1302Cornelia, Evergreen Ave., Weirfield, Bushwick Ave.
No. of E.D. 1303Cornelia, Bushwick Ave., Weirfield, Broadway/TD>
No. of E.D. 1304Woodbine, Bushwick Ave., Cornelia, Broadway
No. of E.D. 1305Grove, Woodbine, Bushwick Ave., Broadway
No. of E.D. 1306Green Ave., Bushwick Ave. Ave. & Bleeker, Evergreen Ave. Ave., Grove, Broadway
No. of E.D. 1307Kossuth Place, Bushwick Ave., Greene, Broadway
No. of E.D. 1308Evergreen Ave., Bleeker, Bushwick Ave.
21th Assembly District
No. of E.D. 1309Sterling, New York Ave., Lefferts, Rogers Ave.
No. of E.D. 1310Malbone, Washington & Sterling, Rogers, Lefferts, Flatbush & Lincoln. Ocean Ave.
No. of E.D. 1311Lefferts, New York Ave., Midwood, Nostrand
No. of E.D. 1312Midwood, New York Ave, Hawthorn, Nostrand
No. of E.D. 1313hawthorn, New York Ave., lenox Rd., Nostrand
No. of E.D. 1314Lenox, New York Ave., Church, Nostrand
No. of E.D. 1315Lefferts, Nostrand, Maple, Bedford
No. of E.D. 1316Maple, Nostrand, Rutland, Bedford
No. of E.D. 1317Rutland, Nostrand, Hawthorn, Bedford
No. of E.D. 1318Hawthorn, Nostrand, Robinson, Bedford
No. of E.D. 1319Robinson, Nostrand, Church, Rogers
No. of E.D. 1320Robinson, Rogers, Lenox, Bedford
No. of E.D. 1321Inc. Congregational Home for Aged, Lenox, Rogers, Church, Bedford
No. of E.D. 1322Church, Nostrand, Snyder, Rogers
No. of E.D. 1323Snyder, Nostrand, Beverley, Rogers
No. of E.D. 1324Beverley, Nostrand, Clarendon, Rd., Rogers
No. of E.D. 1325Clarendon, Nostrand, Ave.D, E.29th, Newkirk Ave., E.28th
No. of E.D. 1326Foster, E.29th, Flatbush Ave.
No. of E.D. 1327Clarendon, E.28th, Foster Ave., E.25th
No. of E.D. 1328Ave.G, Flatbush Ave., E.29th, Ave.I, E.27th
No. of E.D. 1329Farragut Rd, E.26th, Ave.G & E.27th, Ave.I, E.22nd
No. of E.D. 1330Foster Ave., Flatbush Ave., Ave.G, E.26th & Farragut Rd, Ocean Ave.
No. of E.D. 1331Ave.D, E.26th, Foster Ave., E.23rd
No. of E.D. 1332Clarendon Rd, E.26th, Ave.D, Flatbush Ave.
No. of E.D. 1333Beverley Rd, Rogers Ave., Clarendon Rd, Flatbush Ave.
No. of E.D. 1334Tilden, Rogers, Beverley, Flatbush
No. of E.D. 1335Snyder, Rogers, Tilden, Flatbush
No. of E.D. 1336Inc. Religious School, Church Ave., Rogers, Snyder, Flatbush
No. of E.D. 1337Clarkson Ave., Bedford, Church, Washingtom
No. of E.D. 1338Fenimore, Bedford, Clarkson, Washington
No. of E.D. 1339Lincoln, Flatbush Ave. & Lefferts, Bedford, Fenimore, Washington Ave. & Parkside Ave., Ocean Ave.
No. of E.D. 1340Flatbush, Caton Ave., Ocean Ave. & Crooke Ave.,
No. of E.D. 1672Parkside Ave., Wyckoff, St. Paul's Place, unreadable, Parade Place
No. of E.D. 1341Crooke Ave., Ocean Ave. & Caton Ave., Flatbush, Church Ave., St. Paul's Place, Caton Ave. & Parade Place.
No. of E.D. 1342Church, Flatbush, Beverley, E.19th
No. of E.D. 1700Church, Ocean, unreadable
No. of E.D. 1343Church, E.19th, Beverley, E.16th
No. of E.D. 1344Inc. Superior Convent, Beverley Rd, Flatbush Ave., Cortelyou Rd & Ocean Ave., Dorchester Rd, E.16th
No. of E.D. 1345Cortelyou Rd, Flatbush, Ditmas, Ocean
No. of E.D. 1346Ditmas, unreadable, Foster, Ocean
No. of E.D. 1347Dorchester, Ocean, Foster, E.16th
No. of E.D. 1348Foster, Ocean, Farragut, Elmore Place, Ave.I, E.18th
No. of E.D. <1349/TD>Ave.G, E.18th, Ave.I, E.17th
No. of E.D. 1350Foster, E.18th, Ave.G, E.17th
No. of E.D. 1351Cortelyou Rd, E.16th, Dorchester Rd, Rugby Rd, Ditmas Ave.
No. of E.D. 1674Ditmas, E.16th, Foster, Argyle Rd
No. of E.D. 1713Dorchester, E.16th, Ditmas, Argyle Rd.
No. of E.D. 1352Church Ave., E.16th, Cortelyou, Argyle
No. of E.D. 1353Caton Ave., E.?9th, Church, Rugby Rd.
No. of E.D. 1354Caton, Rugby, Church, Coney Island Ave.
No. of E.D. 1355Church, Argyle, Cortelyou, Coney Island Ave.
No. of E.D. 1356Cortelyou, Argyle, Foster,Coney Island Ave.
No. of E.D. 135718th Ave., Coney Island Ave., Foster Ave., Ocean Pwky
No. of E.D. 1709Ditmas, Coney Island Ave., 18th Ave., E.8th St
No. of E.D. 1358Ave.C, E.9th, & Beverley Rd, Coney Island Ave., Ditmas, E.8th
No. of E.D. 1359Ave.C, E.8th, Ditmas, Ocean Pwky
No. of E.D. 1360Cortelyou, Ocean Pwky, Ditmas Ave., E.3rd
No. of E.D. 1361Ditmas, E.8th, 18th Ave., E.2nd
No. of E.D. 1362Ace.C, Ocean Pwky, Cortelyou, E.2nd
No. of E.D. 1363Ave.C, E.2nd, Cortelyou Rd, & E.3rd, Ditmas Ave., West
No. of E.D. 136414th Ave., 37th & 15th Ave., West, 40th
No. of E.D. 136514th Ave., 40th, 16th Ave., 43rd, 15th Ave. & 42nd
No. of E.D. 136616th Ave., 40th & Ditmas Ave. & E.2nd, Ave.F, 42nd
No. of E.D. 136716th Ave., 42nd, Ave.F & E.2nd, 18th ve., 45th, 17th Ave. & 4th
No. of E.D. 136816th Ave., 44th, 17th Ave., 45th, 18th Ave. & Gravesend Ave., Washington Ave.,19th Ave., 48th
No. of E.D. 136916th Ave., 48th, 19th Ave., 49th
No. of E.D. 137015th Ave., 49th, 16th Ave., 50th
No. of E.D. 16623rd, Foster, Gravesend
No. of E.D. 17(?)18th Ave., Ocean Pwky, Foster, 3rd, Gravesend
No. of E.D. 137115th Ave., 46th, 16th Ave., 49th
No. of E.D. 137215th Ave., 44th, 16th Ave., 46th
No. of E.D. 137315th Ave., 43rd, 16th Ave., 14th
No. of E.D. 137414th Ave., 43rd, 15th Ave., 44th
No. of E.D. 137514th ve., 42nd, 15th Ave., 43rd
22th Assembly District
No. of E.D. 1376Bushwick Ave., Rose Place, Broadway, Eastern Pwky Extension
No. of E.D. 1377Highland Blvd & Vermont Ave., Heath Place extended, Heath Place, Highland Blvd. & Miller Ave., Jamaica Ave. & Broadway, Rose Place
No. of E.D. 1378Queens Boro line, National Cemetery, Jamaica Ave., Highland Blvd & Heath Place
No. of E.D. 1379(cemeteries), Queens boro line, Queens boro line, Etna, Lincoln Ave. & Jamaica Ave., National Cemetery
No. of E.D. 1380Etna, Eldert St. Lane, Ridgewood Ave., Lincoln Ave.
No. of E.D. 1381Jamaica, Lincoln, Ridgewood, Cresent
No. of E.D. 1382Ridgewood, Eldert St., Atlantic, Lincoln
No. of E.D. 1383Ridgewod, Lincoln, Atlantic, Cresent
No. of E.D. 1384Eyna, Cresent, Fulton, Euclid ve.
No. of E.D. 1385Jamaica, Cresent, Etna, Euclid & Ridgewood, Chestnut
No. of E.D. 1386Jamaica, Chestnut, Ridgewood, Logan
No. of E.D. 1387Inc. Convent, Ridgewood, Euclid, Fulton, Logan
No. of E.D. 1388Fulton, Cresent, Weldon, Conduit Ave. & Atlantic Ave., Logan
No. of E.D. 1389Atlantic Ave., Queens boro line, McKinley Ave., Railroad Ave. & Weldon, Cresent
No. of E.D. 1390Inc. Pratt Institute, Weldon, Railroad, Glenmore, Conduit
No. of E.D. 1391Atlantic, Conduit, Glenmore, Fountain
No. of E.D. 1392Atlantic, Fountain, Pitkin, Milford, Liberty Ave. & Logan
No. of E.D. 1393Liberty, Milford, Pitkin, Berriman
No. of E.D. 1394Atlantic, Logan, Liberty, Berriman
No. of E.D. 1395Fulton, Logan, Atlantic, Dresden
No. of E.D. 1396Ridgewood, Logan, Fulton, Dresden
No. of E.D. 1397Jamaica, Logan, Ridgewood, Dresden
No. of E.D. 1398Jamaica, Dresden, Arlington, Essex
No. of E.D. 1399Jamaica, Essex, Arlington, Cleveland, Ridgewood Ave. & Elton
No. of E.D. 1400Arlington, Dresden, Atlantic, Elton
No. of E.D. 1401Atlantic, Berriman, Liberty, Elton
No. of E.D. 1402Jamaica, Elton. idgewood, Cleveland, Arlington Ave. & Warwick
No. of E.D. 1403Jamaica, Warwick, Arlington, Ashford, Fulton, Barbey
No. of E.D. 1404Fulton, Elton, Atlantic Ave. & Elton, Liberty, Warwick, Atlantic Ave. & Ashford
No. of E.D. 1405Inc. St. Nicholas Convent, Fulton, Ashford, Atlantic Ave. & Warwick, Liberty, Barbey
No. of E.D. 1406Jamaica, Barbey, Fulton, Miller Ave., Arlington Ave. & Hendrix, including St. Malachi's Orphan Asylum
No. of E.D. 1407Jamaica, Hendrix, Arlington Ave. & Miller Ave., Fulton, New Jersey Ave.
No. of E.D. 1408Fulton, Barbey, Liberty, Van Siclen Ave.
No. of E.D. 1409Inc. Hospital, Fulton, Van Siclen Ave., Liberty, Wyona
No. of E.D. 1410Fulton, Wyona, Liberty, New Jersey Ave.
No. of E.D. 1411Jamaica, New Jersey Ave, Atlantic, Alabama Ave.
No. of E.D. 1412Inc. Wartburg Home of the Aged and Infirm, Atlantic, New Jersey, Liberty, Alabama
No. of E.D. 1413Atlanic, Alabama, Liberty, Williams ve.
No. of E.D. 1414Liberty, Georgia Ave., Belmont, Williams
No. of E.D. 1415Liberty, Wyona, Glenmore, Georgia
No. of E.D. 1416Glenmore, Wyona, Pitkin, Georgia
No. of E.D. 1417Pitkin, Wyona, Belmont, Georgia
No. of E.D. 1418Pitkin, Schenck Ave., Belmont, Wyona
No. of E.D. 1419Glenmore, Schenck, Pitkin, Wyona
No. of E.D. 1420Liberty, Schenck, Glenmore, Wyona
No. of E.D. 1421Liberty, Cleveland, Glenmore, Schenck
No. of E.D. 1422Glenmore, Cleveland, Pitkin, Schenck
No. of E.D. 1423Pitkin, Cleveland, Belmont, Schenck
No. of E.D. 1424Liberty, Berriman, Glenmore, Cleveland
No. of E.D. 1425Glenmore, Berriman, Pitkin, Cleveland
No. of E.D. 1426Pitkin, Berriman, Belmont, Cleveland
No. of E.D. 1427Pitkin, Fountain, Sutter Ave., Milford & Belmont Ave., Berriman
No. of E.D. 1428Belmont Ave., Milford & Sutter Ave., Fountain, Blake, Berriman
No. of E.D. 1429Glenmore, Euclid, Sutter, Fountain
No. of E.D. 1430Glenmore, Cresent, Blake Ave., Fountain, Sutter & Euclid
No. of E.D. 1431Blake, Cresent & Glenmore, Lincoln Ave., Blake Ave. & Railroad Ave., Stanley Ave., Fountain Ave.
No. of E.D. 1432Blake, Fountain, Wortman, Atkins, Hegeman Ave. & Berriman
No. of E.D. 1433Hegeman, Atkins Ave., Wortman Ave. & Fountain Ave., Vandalia Ave., Essex
No. of E.D. 1434Hegeman, Essex, Vandalia, Jerome
No. of E.D. 1435Dumont, Berriman, Hegeman, Linwood
No. of E.D. 1436Dumont, Linwood, Hegeman, Ashford
No. of E.D. 1437Blake, Berriman, Dumont, Cleveland
No. of E.D. 1438Sutter, Berriman, Dumont, Cleveland
No. of E.D. 1439Belmont, Berriman, Sutter, Cleveland
No. of E.D. 1440Belmont, Sutter, Cleveland, Barney/TD>
No. of E.D. 1441Sutter, Cleveland, Blake, Barbey
No. of E.D. 1442Blake, Cleveland, Dumont, Barbey
No. of E.D. 1443Blake, Barbey, Dumont, Miller
No. of E.D. 1444Sutter, Barbey, Blake, Miller
No. of E.D. 1445Belmont, Barbey, Sutter, Miller
No. of E.D. 1446Belmont, Miller, Dumont, Bradford
No. of E.D. 1447Belmont, Bradford, Dumont, Wyona
No. of E.D. 1448Belmont, Wyona, Dumont, Vermont
No. of E.D. 1449Belmont, Vermont, Dumont, New Jersy Ave.
No. of E.D. 1450belmont, New Jersey, Dumont, Pennsylvania Ave.
No. of E.D. 1451Belmont, Pennsylvania Ave., Sutter, Alabama
No. of E.D. 1452Suter, Pennsylvania Ave., Blake, Alabama
No. of E.D. 1453Belmont, Alabama, Blake, Williams
No. of E.D. 1454Dumont, Bradford, Riverdale, Pennsylvania Ave.
No. of E.D. 1455Riverdale, Bradford, Hegeman, Pennsylvania Ave.
No. of E.D. 1456Dumont, Hendrix, New Lots Ave. & Riverdale Ave., Bradford
No. of E.D. 1457Dumont, Ashford, New Lots, Hendrix
No. of E.D. 1458Hegeman, Bradford, Riverdale Ave. & New Lots Ave., Ashdord, Hegeman, Jerome, Vandalia, New Jersey
No. of E.D. 1459Vienna Ave., New Jersey, Wortman, Pennsylvania Ave.
No. of E.D. 1460Wortman, New ersey, Vandalia, Pennsylvania Ave.
No. of E.D. 1461Vandalia, Montauk Ave., Egan Ave. & Queens Boro line, Big Channel, Jamaica Bay & Pennsylvania Ave.
No. of E.D. 1462Stanley Ave., Spring Creek, Egan Ave., Montauk, Vandalia Ave., Fountain
No. of E.D. 1463Blake, Queens boro line, Stanley, Railroad Ave.
No. of E.D. 1464Glenmore, Queens boro line, Blake, Lincoln
No. of E.D. 1465McKinley Ave., Queens boro line, Glenmore, Grant Ave.
No. of E.D. 1466McKiley Ave., Grant Ave, Glenmore Ave., Railroad
23th Assembly District
No. of E.D. 1467Herkimer, Buffalo, Atlantic, Rochester
No. of E.D. 1468Herkimer, Ralph, Atlantic, Buffalo
No. of E.D. 1469Fulton, Howard, Atlantic, Ralph
No. of E.D. 1470unreadable
No. of E.D. 1471Fulton, unreadable, Atlantic, Howard
No. of E.D. 1472Fulton, Rockaway Ave., Herkimer, Ocean Place, Atlantic Ave., Saratoga Ave.
No. of E.D. 1473Eastern Pwky Extension, Sackman St., Atlantic Ave., Stone Ave.
No. of E.D. 1474Hull, Rockaway, Fulton, Saratoga
No. of E.D. 1475McDougal, Rockaway, Hull, Saratoga<,/TD>
No. of E.D. 1476McDougal, Stone, Truxton, Eastern Pwky Ext., Fulton, Rockaway
No. of E.D. 1477Fulton, Eastern Pwky Ext., Atlantic Ave., Ocean Place, Herkimer, Rockaway Ave.
No. of E.D. 1478Eastern Pwky Ext., Broadway, East New York, Williams, Fulton, Sackman
No. of E.D. 1479Fulton, Williams Place, Atlantic Ave., Sackman
No. of E.D. 1480East New York Ave., Alabama Ave., Atlantic Ave., Williams Ave., Liberty Ave., Hinsdale, Atlantic Ave.
No. of E.D. 1481East New York Ave., Atlantic Ave., Hinsdale, Liberty Ave., Junius
No. of E.D. 1482Inc. Luthern Hospital, E.New York Ave., Junius, Liberty Ave., Christopher Ave./TD>
No. of E.D. 1483Liberty, Williams, Belmont, Hinsdale, Glenmore, Van Sinderen
No. of E.D. 1484Glenmore, Hinsdale, Belmont, Van Sinderen
No. of E.D. 1485Belmont, Wiliams, Sutter, Van Sinderen
No. of E.D. 1486Glenmore, Van Sinderen, Belmont, Powell
No. of E.D. 1702Belmont, Van Sinderen, Sutter, Powell
No. of E.D. 1487Pitkin, Powell, Sutter, Sackman
No. of E.D. 1488Pitkin, Sackman, Sutter, Christopher Ave.
No. of E.D. 1489Glenmore, Powell, Pitkin, Christopher
No. of E.D. 1490Liberty, Van Sinderen, Glenmore, Christopher
No. of E.D. 1491East New York Ave., Christopher Ave., Liberty Ave.
No. of E.D. 1492Liberty, Osborn, Pitkin, Thatford Ave.
No. of E.D. 1493Liberty, Watkins, Pitkin, Osborn
No. of E.D. 1494Liberty, Stone, Pitkin, Watkins
No. of E.D. 1495Liberty, Christopher,Pitkin, Syone Ave.
No. of E.D. 1496Pitkin, Christopher, Sutter, Stone
No. of E.D. 1497Pitkin, Stone, Sutter, Watkins
No. of E.D. 1498Pitkin, Watkins, Sutter, Osborn
No. of E.D. 1499Pitkin, Osborn, Sutter, Thatford
No. of E.D. 1500Pitkin, Rockaway Ave.,Belmont, Thatford
No. of E.D. 1501Glenmore, Thatford, Belmont, Rockaway
No. of E.D. 1502East New York Ave., Thatford, Glenmore, Rockaway, Pitkin, Chester
No. of E.D. 1503East New York Ave., Chester, Sutter, Bristol
No. of E.D. 1504E.New York, Bristol, Sutter, Hopkinson
No. of E.D. 1505E. New York, Amboy, Pitkin, Saratoga
No. of E.D. 1699East New York, Hopkinson, unreadable, Amboy
No. of E.D. 1506Pikin, Hopkinson, Sutter, Amboy
No. of E.D. 1507Pitkin, Amboy, Sutter, Herzl
No. of E.D. 1508Pitkin, Herzl, Sutter, Douglas
No. of E.D. 1509Pitkin, Douglas, Sutter, Saratoga
No. of E.D. 1510E. New York Ave., Saratoga, Sutter, Howard
No. of E.D. 1511St. John's Place, E. New York, Howard
No. of E.D. 1512Sterling Place, E. New York Ave., St. John's Place, Howard
No. of E.D. 1513Park Place, Saratoga, Sterling, Howard
No. of E.D. 1514Prospect, Saratoga, Park Place, Howard
No. of E.D. 1515St. Mark's Ave., Saratoga, Prospect, Howard
No. of E.D. 1516St. Mark's Ave., Eastern Pwky, Prospect Place, Saratoga Ave.
No. of E.D. 1517Prospect Place, Eastern Pwky, Saratoga
No. of E.D. 1518St. Mark's Ave., E. New York Ave., Sterling Place, Eastern Pwky
No. of E.D. 1519Stone Ave., Bergen, Eastern Pwky.
No. of E.D. 1728Eastern Pwky, Bergen, Rockaway
No. of E.D. 1729Bergen, Stone, E. New York Ave., St. Mark's Ave., Rockaway Ave.
No. of E.D. 1520Pacific, Sackman, E. New York, Stone
No. of E.D. 1521Atlantic Ave., E. New York, Sackman, Pacific, Eastern Pwky
No. of E.D. 1522Atlantic, Eastern Pwky, Pacific, Rockaway
No. of E.D. 1523Dean, Rockaway, St. Mark's Ave., Hopkinson
No. of E.D. 1524Atlantic, Rockaway, Dean, Hopkinson
No. of E.D. 1525Dean, Hopkinson, St. Mark's Ave., Saratoga
No. of E.D. 1526Dean, Saratoga, St. Mark's Ave., Howard
No. of E.D. 1527Atlantic, Hopkinson, Dean, Saratoga
No. of E.D. 1528House Of Good Shepherd
No. of E.D. 1529Atlantic, Saratoga, Dean, Howard
No. of E.D. 1530Atlantic, Howard, Pacific, Ralph
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