The Bronx stood alone as a borough beginning in 1898; but as a county, the 
Bronx had to wait some 16 years until 1914.

From 1683 until 1873, the Bronx was part of Westchester County.

In 1873, the western Bronx -- that area west of the Bronx River and south of 
the City of Yonkers -- was annexed by the city and county of New York.  In 
1895, the remaining part of the Bronx was annexed by the city and county of 
New York.  The Bronx was then known as the northern annex.

In 1898, after the consolidation with the City of Brooklyn (Kings County), 
Richmond County and the western-third of Queens County (Long Island City, the 
Towns of Newtown, Flushing and Jamaica, and the Rockaway peninsula of the 
Town of Hempstead), New York City was administratively divided into 5 
boroughs (Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island) but 
consisted of only 4 counties (New York, Kings, Queens and Richmond).  The 
Bronx while a separate borough remained part of New York County.

In 1914, the Bronx County -- the 62nd and last county in New York State -- 
seceded from New York County.  New York City then had 5 boroughs and 5 

(In 1899, the eastern two-thirds of Queens County -- the portion not in New 
York City -- seceded and formed Nassau County.)

Walter Greenspan

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