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NYC 1870 census ED boundaries

NYC 1870 census ED boundaries
13th WARDS


1870 census for the 1st ward 
Manhattan 2nd enumeration.  

Susan Valenta

russell@csranet.com 1 ED Liberty Broadway Cedar Nassau Church Greenwich Washington West 2ED Broadway Cedar Church Thames Greenwich Washington Albany 3 ED Liberty Maiden Lane South Old Slip William Beaver Broad Nassau Pearl Water Front Depeyster Cedar Pine Wall Exchange Pl Hanover Governors Lane J (?) Lane (might look like Janesy?) 4ED Broad New Beaver Broadway Church Morris Rector 5ED Thames Greenwich Rector Church Broadway Pine Nassau Wall 6ED Greenwich Washington Carlisle Albany Rector West 7ED Greenwich Battery Washington Rector Morris 8ED Washington West Rector Morris 9ED Governors Island South William Stone Pearl Whitehall South Hanover Coenties Slip Broadway Bowling Green Battery Caslte Garden State Bedloes Island Front Water Broad Moore Bridge _______________________________________________ These are the rough boundaries of the election districts of the 11th Ward NYC for the second enumeration of the 1870 federal census, taken in December 1870-January 1871. It is clear that these boundaries are different from those of the first enumeration in June 1870. In many cases the marshals (enumerators) were careless in recording street numbers so these boundaries may not be exactly correct. However, they can serve as a finding aid for researchers who have names and addresses from the city directory but can't find the names in the 1870 first enumeration index. If anyone detects any errors please let me know and I'll recheck my notes. There are 37 more rolls of microfilm for the 1870 second enumeration. I encourage researchers to record street addresses in others wards as they scroll through the films. Maybe we can get a complete ED guide for this census. I've already finished one roll of the 20th Ward, EDs 1-8, FHC film 0552545 (NARA #1046). FHC film #0552525 (NARA film #1026, series M593) 11th Ward, 1-7 ED (all Sts East) 1 ED: Ave B - 13th St - Ave C - !4th St 2 ED: Ave B - 11th St - Ave C - 13th St 3 ED: Ave B - 10th St - Ave C - 11th St 4 ED: Ave B - 9th St - Ave C - 10th St 5 ED: Ave B - 7th St - Ave C - 9th St 6 ED: Ave B - 5th St - Ave C - 7th St 7 ED: Ave B - 3rd St - Ave C - 4th St - Ave D - 5th St FHC film #0552526 (NARA film #1027) 11th Ward, 8-13 ED (all Sts East) 8 ED: Ave B - Houston St - Ave C - 3rd St 9 ED: Ave C - 10th St - Ave D - 12th St (includes Dry Dock at the end of 12th St) 10 ED: Ave C - 8th St - Ave D - 10th St 11 ED: Ave C - 7th St - Lewis St - Columbia Pl/8th St 12 ED: Ave C - 5th St - Ave D - 7th St 13 ED: Ave C - Houston St - Lewis St - 4th St FHC film #0552527 (NARA film #1028) 11th Ward, 14-25 ED (all Sts East) 14 ED: 5th St - Ave D - 4th St - Lewis St - Houston St - East River 15 ED: Clinton St - Stanton St - Ridge St - Houston St 16 ED: Ridge St - Stanton St - Willett St - Houston St 17 ED: Willett St - Stanton St - Columbia St - Houston St 18 ED: Columbia St - Stanton St - Goerick St - Houston St 19 ED: Goerick St - Stanton St - Mangin St (East River?) - Houston St 20 ED: Clinton St - Rivington St - Ridge St - Stanton St 21 ED: Ridge St - Rivington St - Willett St - Stanton St 22 ED: Willett St - Rivington St - Columbia St - Stanton St 23 ED: Columbia St - Rivington St - Lewis St - Stanton St 24 ED: Lewis St - Rivington St - East River - Stanton St 25 ED: Ave D - 7th St - Lewis St - 5th St _______________________________________________ 1870 census for the 13th ward Manhattan 2nd enumeration. (FHL film # 552530) 1st District Grand Mangin Broome between Mangin & Goerick Goerick Goerick near Grand Grand east Broome Tompkins Delancey Mangin Broome Mangin Delancey Goerick 2nd District Cannon St Delancey St Goerick St Grand St Lewis St Broome St 3rd District Sheriff St between Broome & Delancey Sheriff St between Delancey & Rivington Rivington St between Sheriff and Columbia Rivington St between Columbia and Cannon Cannon St between Rivington & Delancey Cannon St between Delancey & Broome Broome St between Cannon & Columbia Broome St between Columbia & Sheriff Columbia St between Broome & Delancey Columbia St between Delancey & Rivington Columbia St between Delancey & Broome Delancey St between Cannon & Columbia Delancey St between Columbia & Sheriff 4th District Cannon Delancey Lewis Goerick Mangin Delancey to Rivington Goerick Lewis Cannon Delancey Rivington Cannon to Rivington Rivington Lewis Rivington Goerick Mangin Rivington tompkins Delancey to E River Tompkis Rivington This is what they seem to translate to: 1 ED: Delancey St - Goerick St - Grand St - East River 2 ED: Delancey St - Cannon St - Grand St - Goerick St 3 ED: Rivington St - Sheriff St - Broome St - Cannon St 4 ED: Rivington St - Cannon St - Delancey St - East River 13th ward 5th ed of the 2nd enumeration of the 1870 census. 5th ED Division between Ridge & Pitt Broome between Ridge & Pitt Grand between Ridge & Pitt Ridge betwen Grand & Broome Broome between Ridge & Pitt Pitt between Grand & Broome Grand between Ridge & Broome Pitt between Grand & Broome Broome between Pitt & Willet Willet between Grand & Broome Grand between Pitt & Willet Willet between Grand & Broome Broome between Willet & Sheriff Grand between Sheriff & Willet Grand between Sheriff & Columbia Columbia between Grand & Broome Broome between Columbia & Cannon Cannon between Broome & Grand Grand between Cannon & Columbia Columbia between Broome & Grand SE cor Broome & Delancey Willet between Grand & Broome 6th ED 7th ED 8thED 9th ED 10th Ed Ridge Broome Division Clinton Suffolk Pitt Sheriff Ridge Rivington Broome Rivington Delancey Grand Delancey Clinton Pitt Ridge Ridge Broome Grand Delancey Pitt Broome Attorney Delancey Pitt Willet Attorney Ridge Rivington Delancey Clinton Pitt Rivington Willet Sherrif Delancey Willet Delancey Willet Delancey Return to ENUMERATION / WARDS Main Return to BROOKLYN Main