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Ward boundaries (approx 1891/1892)
(FHC Film #1376606)

 1st Ward - 
Fulton Street, Boerum Place, Atlantic Ave,  East River.

 2nd Ward - 
Fulton Street, Sands Street, Bridge Street, East River.

 3rd Ward - 
Fulton Street, Flatbush Avenue, 4th Avenue, Bergen Street,
Court Street, Atlantic Ave, Boerum Place.

 4th Ward - 
Fulton Street, Bridge Street, Sands Street.

 5th Ward - 
Bridge Street, Johnson Street, Navy Street, Navy Yard, East River.

 6th Ward - 
Court Street, 4th Place, Coles Street, Hamilton Avenue, 
East River, Atlantic Ave.

 7th Ward - 
Washington Avenue, Atlantic Avenue, Franklin Avenue,
Brevoort Place, Bedford Avenue, Flushing Avenue.

 8th Ward - 
Prospect Avenue, City Line, 60th Avenue, Gowanus Bay.

 9th Ward - 
Flatbush Avenue, City Line, Franklin Avenue, Atlantic Avenue.

10th Ward - 
Court Street, 4th Place, 5th Place, 2nd Avenue, 1st Street,
4th Avenue, Bergen Street.

11th Ward - 
Fulton Street, Flatbush Avenue, Atlantic Avenue, S. Portland Avenue, 
N. Portland Avenue, Navy Yard, Navy Street, Johnson Street, Bridge Street.

12th Ward -
Hamilton Avenue, Coles Street, 4th Place, 5th Street,
Gowanus Canal, or 1st Avenue, Gowanus Bay, East River.
13th Ward - 
Grand Street, Rodney Street to S of S 9th Street, 
running West and parallel with Division Avenue to East River.

14th Ward - 
Grand Street, Rodney Street, N.2nd Street, Union Avenue,
Driggs  Street, N.14th Street, East River

15th Ward - 
Rodney Street, S 2nd Street, Ten Eyck Street, Bushwick Avenue,   
N.2nd Street, Humbolt Street, Richardson Street, Leonard Street,        
Van Pelt Avenue, Driggs Street, Union Avenue, N.2nd Street.

16th Ward - 
Rodney Street, Broadway, Flushing Avenue, Bushwick Avenue,
Ten Eyck Street, S 2nd Street.
17th Ward - 
Bushwick Inlet, N. 14th Street, Driggs Street, Van Pelt Avenue,
Leonard Street Richardson Street,, Meeker Avenue, Newtown Creek,
East River.

18th Ward -  
Meeker Avenue, Richardson Street, Humbolt Street, N.2nd Street,
Bushwick Avenue, Flushing Avenue and City Line.

19th Ward -
Washington Avenue, Flushing Avenue, Broadway to Hooper Street, 
Cor Division Avenue running west and parallel with Division 
Avenue, to East River-includes bothe sides of Division Avenue.

20th Ward -   
N. Portland Avenue, S. Portland Avenue, Atlantic Ave,       
Washington Avenue, East River.

21sh Ward -  
Bedford Avenue, Layfayette Avenue, Broadway, Flushing Avenue.

22d  Ward -  
Flatbush Avenue, 9th Avenue, 15th Street, City Line,
Prospect Avenue, Gowanus Canal, 1st Avenue, 5th Street, 2nd Avenue,
1st Street, 4th Avenue.

23d  Ward -  
Bedford Avenue, Brevoort Place, Franklin Avenue, Atlantic Avenue,
Albany Avenue, Fulton Street, Summer Avenue, Layfayette Avenue.

24th Ward -  
Atlantic Ave, Franklin Avenue, City Line to Boundary Line of 26th  
ward near Howard Avenue and Boundary Line of 26th ward, running 
north of and parallel with East New York Avenue, to Atlantic 
Avenue at Stone Avenue

25th Ward -  
Broadway, Layfayette Avenue, Summer Avenue, Fulton Street,
Albany Avenue, Atlantic Avenue to the boundary of 26th ward at
Stone Avenue, Boundary Line of 26th ward at Broadway and Conway Street.

26th Ward -  
Boundary Line of 24th Ward at City Line near Howard Avenue,  
running north of and parallel with East New York Avenue  to 
Broadway at Truxton Street, City Line and Jamaica Bay.

27th Ward -  
Flushing Avenue, Broadway, Kosciusko Street, Stockholm Street, City Line

28th Ward -  
Stockholm Street, Kosciusko Street,Broadway to Boundary Line
of 26th Ward bet. Conway and Rose Place and City Line.


In 1892, Brooklyn city still had not extended to many areas of 
Kings County.  In 1894, Flatbush, Gravesend and New Utrecht 
were added and in 1896, Flatlands to finally make Brooklyn 
co-extensive with Kings Co. 
So, the city line was the boundary between Brooklyn and 
these other towns.  

The 8th Ward extended south to what is now 60th street (not Ave.) 
and east to a slanted line between 7th and 9th Avenues.  

The 9th Ward extended to Montgomery Street, near Prospect Park. 
Incidentally, check these ward boundaries again, it looks 
like the 9th goes to 4th Ave., 
and then Union Street beyond Flatbush Ave.

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