First German Presbyterian Church

Rivington Street, NY NY  

According the "THe German Churches of Metropolitam New York", 
A Research Guide, by Rischard Haberstroh, 
C.G. published by the New York Genealogical & Biographical Society,  
Hardcover 150 pgs. 
2000ISBN 1-877692-06-9:

pg 56
The First German Presby. Church at Rivington and Ludlow was founded in 
1852 moved uptown several times between 1858 and 1870, finally to 
St. Mark's Place and 1st Ave., closed in 1870. 
Pastor: Henry Toelke. Records are at the
Presbyterian Historical Society and FHL film is available.

By the way, this is a new and terrific book for anyone searching 
for German Ancestors in the NYC area. 
All five boroughs and Hoboken and Jesrey City covered as well 
as sample German records and reading Gothic script.

The NYG&BS website is:
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