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Source: "Births, Marriages, Deaths from the Original Records of St. Ann's (Episcopal) Church at Brooklyn, New York by Josephine Frost 
(1917) Vol. 3-5".  
The pages on the film were copied by Pat Eckhardt and transcribed by Linda Clark.

St. Leonard’s of Port Maurice - Roman Catholic Church
199 Jefferson Street corner of Wilson Avenue, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

Founded in 1871 and the parishioners were primarily German immigrants. 
These early records are perhaps the only place you will find the town of 
origin for your ancestors. 
St. Leonard’s closed its doors in 1978 and the church was demolished in 2001.  

The records in this database are as follows:  

Baptism Records - (27, 139) - 1872-1978
Marriage Records - (5,763) - 1872-1978
First Communion Records - (4,185) - 1920-1978
Our Lady of Sorrows - Roman Catholic Church
Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY
This database contains an index of names within the records of Our Lady of Sorrows, 
Morgan Avenue & Harrison Place in Bushwick
This German parish founded in 1889 and the early parishioners were primarily  
German immigrants. The early records are perhaps the only place you will find a town 
of origin for your ancestors. 
The last baptism was performed on February 8, 1942
The last marriage on February 15, 1942.  

The records in this database are as follows:  

Baptism Records - (6,006) - 1890-1942

Marriage Records - (1,398) - 1890-1942
Zion German Evangelical Lutheran Church
125 Henry Street, Brooklyn Heights, NY. 
Founded in 1856 and is still in existence. 

These records are presently incomplete. As more books are transcribed and     
computerized, they will be made available on this web site.

The records in this database are as follows: 

Baptism Records (13,527) from 1856 to 1969

Funeral Records 1856 to 1868 - Book 1 - (677 records)
1880 to 1889 - Book 3 - (921 records)
1897 to 1905 - Book 5 - (417 records)
1915 to 1969 - Book 7 - (1839 records)
Books 2, 4, and 6 are missing from the church. 

Marriage records (6,303) from 1856 to 1969
The Presbyterian Church in Elmont
525 Elmont Road, P.O. Box 466
Elmont, New York 11003-0466

This database contains an index of names of known persons interred in the church 
cemetery transcribed from the monuments. 
Unfortunately, some markers have been destroyed or toppled. The church has no further
 information on those interred, however, we would appreciate updated information 
regarding missing names especially for those sites for which there is no information. 
This continues to be an active cemetery.
The church was first built in 1864, burned (which may explain the loss of records) and 
rebuilt in 1902 (dates on cornerstone).
This was a German church attended by many farmers from Jamaica.
German Evangelical Reformed Church Index
97 & 99 Suffolk Street between Delancey and Rivington Streets in Manhattan. 1852 to 1900.
Index of Brides and Grooms covering the years 1852-1860. 
It is a work in progress and more years will be added as the work is completed.

1929 St. Cecilia's Parish, BklynMoney Contributions

1833 Baptist Church ListingsHooker’s New Pocket Plan of the City of New York
1st Baptist ChurchPierrepont, c Clinton..PHOTO
Oliver Street Baptist ChurchWhere to find Records
2d German Baptist ChurchMembers List 1937

St. Joseph's Universal Church of Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY
Baptisms 1923 

Congregational ChurchNow part of the United Church of Christ

Brooklyn Reformed Dutch Church Records"Guide to Local Church Records inthe Archives of the Reformed Church in America and Other Repositories," Compiled by Russell L. Gasero and Erica McLaughlin.
Dutch Reform Church of New Amsterdam
Baptisms 1639-1670; Baptisms 1686-1695; Baptisms 1726-1769
Reformed Dutch Church of Gravesend

MEMBERS : 1763-1774 1783-1805

First Reformed Dutch Church of Newtown, L.I.
Baptisms 		1736-1817
Marriages 	1835-1846
Communicants List	1741
Brooklyn Reformed Dutch Church Records
Guide to Local Church Records 
in the Archives of the Reformed Church in America 
& Other Repositories
Flatbush Reformed Dutch Church
From The Olive Tree..database online.
"Coordinated Records of Marriages and Baptisms 
from the Flatbush Reformed Dutch Church Consistory 
books [1781-1872]
Registers of its daughter church at New Lots 
[1824-1906]. Kings County, Long Island, New York,"
typescript 1996.  These are marriage and baptismal 
records NOT in the regular church books. 
Richard McCool and John Storm.
15 October 1877 Brooklyn Union Argus)
1677 - 1877
How The Ancient Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of New Utrecht began it's 
Third Century To-day - A Grand Gala Occasion among it's Congregation - The 
Order of Exercises - Interesting Relics, Addresses, etc.
The commemoration of the two-hundredth anniversary of the organization of the 
Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of New Utrecht, to-day, was made a gala 
occasion by its congregation and the church folk of the surrounding villages. 
 The present church, which was built in 1828, was elaborately decorated with 
flags, flowers, evergreens, and mottoes.  On either side of the pulpit were 
the figures "1677" and "1877" in evergreens, and in the vestibule the word 
"Welcome" was conspicuously displayed in large letters of evergreen relieved 
by a large American flag, tastefully arranged.  In front of the church the 
national ensign floated from a tall liberty pole, and near by stood an 
old-fashioned wagon labeled "John E. Lott's church carriage in 1817."  Among 
the relics displayed in the church were two very old, shield shaped 
blackboards, on which used to be displayed the number of the hymns and 
verses, as they were sung, so that tardy worshippers might readily find the 
places in their hymn books; the first Bible used in the church, an antique 
volume, 205 years old, printed in Dutch; the old hour glass, which formerly 
stood on the ends of sticks like (??? uets) and used in taking up church 
The New Utrecht (Dutch) Reformed ChurchOrganized in 1677
Flatbush Reformed ChurchFlatbush & Church la..PHOTO
First Reformed Church of Flatbush1906 Article. FOR YEARS AN OLD LANDMARK, HAS A REMARKABLE HISTORY
Reformed Church in AmericaHistory..Prior 1905
1941 Trinity Reformed ChurchConfirmation Class

Baptisms 1st Presbyterian Church, NYC January 1791

The Baptismal Records of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of New Utrecht, Long Island1718-1741
1833 PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL Church ListingsHooker’s New Pocket Plan of the City of New York
Episcopal DioceseHelp when searching for these records
Grace ChapelHigh St. Bklyn Heights
Seamen's ChurchInstitute of New York & New Jersey

The Society of Friends (Quakers)

German Evangelistic Lutheran ChurchesHelp when searching for these records
German Protestant ChurchesIn Brooklyn..Prior to 1860
Zion German Evangelical Lutheran ChurchBrooklyn Heights, NY This database contains an index of names in the records of the Zion German Evangelical Lutheran Church. Zion is located at 125 Henry Street. The church was founded in 1856 and is still in existence.

Jewish FaithEarly History Of Jewish Beginnings in Brooklyn & The people who started it all
Jewish Genealogy...The Jewish Genealogical Society (JGS) is a nonprofit organization founded in New York in 1977 and dedicated to collecting, preserving and disseminating knowledge about Jewish genealogy. The JGS is comprised of more than a thousand people enthusiastically researching their Jewish roots.
Yeshiva College New YorkHistory prior to 1934 & alumni list
American Jewish Historical SocietyHistory prior to 1934
Rabbi's of New YorkPre 1934
Hebrew Union CollegeHistory & Alumni 1883-1933

Lutheran FaithLutheran Church Listings including the list of records they hold
Lutheran Church, New York City 1725Baptisims
Lutheran ChurchCurrent List 1999
English Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Reformation1st 40 years..index
English Evangelical Lutheran Church of the ReformationNAME..index
Holy Trinity Lutheran English Evangelical Church1955 Anniversary
The Presbyterian Church in Elmont
525 Elmont Road 
P.O. Box 466
Elmont, New York 11003-0466 
This database contains an index of names of known persons 
interred in the church cemetery transcribed from the monuments. 

Methodist ChurchHistory of the Methodist Church in Bklyn..includes surnames
Methodist church recordsLocating records..archives
New York Annual (Regional) ConferenceMethodist Churches of the 1800's..now United Methodist Churches
Methodist RecordsWhere to write
Plymouth ChurchHistory & Henry Ward Beecher
Sands Street M.E. Church1888 Article..Bklyn Standard Union
Methodist EpiscopalWhere to locate records
Knickerbocker Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church1909 History & Membership Roll

1833 Presbyterian Church ListingsHooker’s New Pocket Plan of the City of New York
1st Presbyterian Church...BronxList of Members..1935/Picture of Anniversary Dinner
1st German Presbyterian Church...MamnhattanWhere to get records
Anislie Street Bklyn Presbyterian Church1927 Reunion pamphlet & Photo
Presbyterian Historical SocietyIn Philadelphia
West 23d St.Presbyterian Church N.Y.C.History/Membership/Timeline
United Presbyterian Church of Ridgewood
"The United Presbyterian Church of Ridgewood came into being when the 
St. James United Presbyterian Church, also of Ridgewood, made overtures 
to unite with the First Presbyterian Church of East Williamsburgh, 
by which name our church was known since its founding in 1863"...

Archdiocese of New YorkNYC is divided between two Catholic dioceses
Diocese of BrooklynThe Diocese of Brooklyn has launched a comprehensive new Web site containing nearly 500 pages of information about diocesan programs, ranging from the archives to vocations, and more than 800 photos, depicting present and past moments in the life of the two-county, 149-year-old Diocese.
Obtaining Catholic Church records from the Diocese of Brooklyn NYWonderful
The TABLETRoman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn..Weekly
Catholic EncyclopediaHistory of the Catholic Church in Brooklyn
Roman Catholic BrooklynChurch Listings 1877/78
Michael Cassidy's Catholic Church InfoHistory/Parish Priests.Very detailed, informative.Also..Stats of the Irish in Bklyn & New York
Roman Catholic PriestsDiocese of Brooklyn 1790-1944(Michael Cassidy)
PriestsFor obtaining info
Archdiocese of New YorkListing also New York Churches
MANHATTAN Catholic Churches..by NameProvided by Charles Sullivan
MANHATTAN Catholic Churches..by Date EstablishedProvided by Charles Sullivan
MANHATTAN Catholic Churches..by zip codeProvided by Charles Sullivan
Local Catholic History and Ancestorsof N.Y.Excellant site with helpful links..
Joseph CoenArchivist for the Archdiocese of Brooklyn
St. Matthias ChurchSt. Matthias Church (photo)
Chancellor's OfficeBrooklyn..address
Roman Catholic Churches By NationalityPut together by a Bklyn List member
Parishes on-LineYou can search by name, or area and it will give you a map of where it is!
Diocesan appointmentsMay 13, 1950
St John Cantius 479 New Jersey Ave1910 Article (BSU)

ZION ChurchManhattan..History/Where to write

Biographies of Priests - R.C. ChurchesLong Island
Olek's 1924-25 Clery Directory for Nassau & Suffolk
Articles on BeginningsPertaining to Houses of Worship
Houses of WorshipNews 1887-89
Bible SocietyMinisters List 1853
Bible SocietyMembers 1853 Brooklyn
Ministers List 1855Members 1855 Brooklyn
Long Island Bible SocietyMembers 1885
Suffolk County 1855Bible Society Members Kathy & Karen have done a terriffic job of completing this database
Our Lady of Loretto R.C. ChurchConfirmation Class..1926

Queens Houses of Worship

BaptisimalsSent in by Volunteers. Various years & Churches
Paper Trails..Birth/Death/Burials etc.Hundreds of names sent in by subscribers to NYBROOKLYN
Looking for Info on Nuns?N.A.R.A. records held at the National Archives for nuns.