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Second German Baptist Church, Membership
Evergreen and Woodbine near Cornelia
List from 1937. 

ASCHENBACH  , Mrs. T.         714    Chauncey St.        Bklyn
ANDREWS, Mrs. H.		      40    Washington Ave.      Garden City
ANWYL,  Mr. and Mrs. W.       1930   Grove St.          Ridgewood
changed to          		  76-03  95th Dr.          Woodhaven
changed to          		  66-61  60th Pl.          Ridgewood
APPELDORN, Mr. W.       	  60-16  59th Ave.         Maspeth
AXTELL, Mrs. W.               83-46  63rd Ave.         Forest Hills

BAINES (or BAINUS), Mrs. E.  1379 JEFFERSON AVE.    Bklyn
BAMFORD, Mr. and Mrs. F.     1218 Gates Ave.     Bklyn
BARTH, Mrs. H.               76 N. Spruce Rd.        W hempstead
BAUMANN, Miss H.              
BENLISA, Mrs. H.			 62-06 82 St.            Forest Hills
BERNADT, Rev. and Mrs. A.    455 Evergreen Ave.      Bklyn
BERON, Mr. and Mrs. N.       411 Stanhope St.        Bklyn
BICKEL, Miss K.              513 Bainbridge St.      Bklyn
BOCK, Mrs. F.                88-32 150th St.             jamaica
BOLL, Miss M.                91-11 80th St.          Woodhaven
BRACHER, Mrs. F.             91-18 96TH sT.          Woodhaven
BRACHER, Mr. and Mr.s.T.         

BROWNE, Mrs. L.             4324 Robinson St.       Flushing
BUSH, Mrs. H.               2502 Ave. D             Bklyn
CALEGERI, Mr. J.           	1816 Menahan St.        Bklyn
COMISKEY, Mr. and Mrs. H.   58-38 78th Ave.         Glendale
CONERS, Mr. and Mrs. J.		103 Doescher St.  Bklyn
CORTY, Mr. F				610 E. 14th St.         Manhattan

DANIELS, Mrs. L        		94-45  Lefferts Blvd.        Richmond Hill
DITTRICH            		104-4? 201st St.        Hollis
DREWS, Mrs. E.           	1041 Bushwick Ave.      Bklyn
DREWS, Miss C.
DUYKINCK, Mr. J.            130 Menahan St.     Bklyn

EHRHARDT, Mr. and Mrs. W.   250 Bleecker St.        Bklyn
EILER, Mr. and Mrs. H.      62-06 82nd St.          Forest Hills
EISENHARDT, Miss R.      	94-45 Lefferts Blvd.        Richmond Hill
ELSAESSER, Miss K           18 A Woodbine St.       Bklyn
ERNST, Mrs. V               430 Central Ave.        Bklyn

FORAN, Mrs. M               60-30 Madison St.       Ridgewood
FREY, Miss M.               255 Moffatt St.         Bklyn
FUCHS, Mrs. E.              76-32 Park Lane S.      Woodhaven

GALLY, Mrs. M (died, lived on Monroe Street)
GEISTODT, Mrs. something, maybe N.
GEISTODT, Miss H.           1029 Seneca Ave.        Bklyn

GALLY   (dead)      	    751 Monroe St.          Bklyn
 GERTISSER, Mrs. R.         149 Florence Ave.       Garden City
GEISTODT            		149 Florence Ave.       Garden City
GUCKER, Miss R.          	30 Howard Ave.          Bklyn

HASHNLE, Mrs. L.        	18 A Woodbine St.       Bklyn
HAFELY, Mr. and Mrs. C.     80-83 88th Ave.         Woodhaven
HAFNER, Mr. A.          	1353 Decatur St.        Bklyn
HAJENGA, Miss I.            420 Clinton Ave.            Bklyn

HAMMER, Misses C.
HAMMER, E.          		166 Schaeffer St.       Bklyn

HANNEMAN, Mrs. S.        	Evangelical Farm        Sayville
HARTMANN        			547 Madison St.     Bklyn
HELLER, Miss E.             513 Bainbridge St.      bklyn
HELLER, Mrs. N.          	103-19 169th St.        Jamaica
HELMERICH       			212-53 Jamaica Ave. Queens 
This is probably Queens Village
HESS, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob    58-27 69th Ave.         Ridgewood
    Later lived (and mrs. Hess died) Loubet St. Forest Hills
HIGHTOWER, Mr. Mrs. and Miss J.       1198 Putnam Ave.        Bklyn
HINTZ, Mrs. L.             513 Bainbridge St.      Bklyn
HOLDERLIN, Mrs. H.         70-21 71st St.          Glendale
HOPPE, Mr. and Mrs. O.     107 Brooklyn Ave.       Bklyn

JANTZEN, Mrs. E.           414 Seneca Ave.     Bklyn
JOHNSON, Mrs. W.           City Hospital           Manhattan
KAASER, Miss E. 		  1109 Madison St.        Bklyn
KAASER, Miss F.               1874 Bleecker St.       Ridgewood

KALIN, Mrs. M.
KALIN, Miss M.                    274 Linden St.          Bklyn

KASPER, Mrs. A.          62-83 60th Rd.          Maspeth
KESTEL, Mrs. B.                          79-06 154th St.         Flushing
KIRSCHENHEITER, Miss L  1912 Silver St.     Ridgewood

KLEIN, Mr. and Mrs. B.                             1363 Putnam Ave.        Bklyn
KOCH, Mrs. N.                32 Thornton St.             Bklyn
KOHLMEYER, Mrs. A.                     1815 Cornelia St.       Bklyn
KOHTZ, Mrs. A.               158 Harmon St.          Bklyn

KONTER, Mrs. A.              88-13 Elderts Lane      Woodhaven

KOOP, Mr.W.                119  Palmetto St.       Bklyn
KRAPF, Mr. G.               88-48 74th Ave.         Glendale
KRAPF, Mr. R.               146-19 Sutter Ave.      S. Ozone Park
KRIEG , Sophie              133-06 132nd St.        S. Ozone Park
KRIEG, Mrs. 
KRIEG, Mr. H.      
KRIEG, Mrs. S.
KRIEG, Mr. and Mrs. H.

KRUGER, Mr. A.                  1585 E. 36th or 38th St.    Bklyn
KRUGER, Mrs. H.          1912 Silver St.         Bklyn
KUHN, Miss L.                                       333 Bleecker St.        bklyn
KUHN, Mr. A.                1420 Bushwick Ave.      Bklyn
KURTZ, Mr. E.              121 Palmetto St.        Bklyn

LANG, Mrs. J               94-45 Lefferts Blvd.        Richmond Hill
LENZ, Mrs. C.                          930 Rockaway Ave.       Bklyn
LIPPERT, Miss G.         227 Cooper St.          Bklyn
LOTZ, Mrs. W.                               112 Central Ave.        Lynbrook
LOWE, Miss J. 
LOWE, Miss  M.                 107 Wierfield St.       Bklyn

MAACK, Mrs. H.           1379 Jefferson Ave.     Bklyn
MACK, Mrs. E.                              936 Madison St.     Bklyn
MACOSKEY, Miss N.        57 Grove st.                Bklyn

MARKLEIN, Mrs. Bertha    (Bertha)   58-19 69th Ave.         Ridgewood
MARKLEIN (richard)  85-36 91st St.          Woodhaven
MARKLEIN,Mr. & Mrs. E (ed)       1560 E. 46th St.        Bklyn
MARKLEIN, Mr.& Mr.s.W.    (Walter) 88-34 73rd Ave.            Glendale        
MARSCHNER, Mrs. I.             49 Westminster Rd.      Bklyn
MARX, Mrs. P.                               1082 Madison St.        Bklyn
MC CLAREN, Mr. G.         944 Gates Ave.          bklyn
MICKE               39 Menehan St.          Bklyn
MICKELEIT, Mr. & Mrs. N.            864 Hancock St.     Bklyn
MILLER, Mrs. V.               345 Evergreen Ave.      Bklyn
MOGER           1319 Bedford Ave.       Bklyn
MOGER           963 Gates Ave.          Bklyn
MOONEY          1 Pilling St.               Bklyn
MOONEY          5968 69th St.           Bklyn

MAYER, Mr.&Mrs. H.      
MICKS, Mr. F, 
MICKS, Miss N.

MOGAR, Mr. & Mrs.  L.
MOGAR, Miss M or N      

Interesting note: November 14, 1937
 Funeral services for sister marie Gally were held yesterday (11/13/37) at 
2:30 in the Jerst Funeral parlors.

NEUMAN, Mr. and Mrs.  A                  	134 Hull Street
NEUMAN, Mr. and Mrs.  			 70 Pierpont Street
NEWSOM, Mrs.  E.                         	122 Schaeffer St.
NEWSOM, Miss M or N                    	      Emerson School
NIEHRING, Miss B.                           	107 Brooklyn Avenue
NIELSON, Mrs. V.                           	 208 Woodbine Street

OECHSLIN, Mr. R.                          	  66 Vermont Avenue
OECHSLIN, Mr. W.                            	 41 N. Sycamore St., W. Hempstead
ORTHNER, Rev.& Mrs. F
ORTHNER, Mr. A and Mr. L                    All at 5041 41st St. Long Island City

PAYTON, Miss F.                        		 22 Post Ave., Inwood
POPP, Miss C				7908 154th Street, Flushing
PRICE, Mr. J.                              	 15 Woodbine St.

RANG, Mr. &Mrs. and Mr. I.                 		 697 Halsey St.

RAPPUHN, Mrs. W. (my ggfathers mo.in-law)    85-36 91 Street, Woodhaven
    Lived with Mr. & Mrs. Richard Marklein at above address

RASMUSSEN, Mrs. K.                     	 Mary Lane, Bedford, NY
REECK, Mr. H,                               	1212 Gates Avenue

REINHOLD, Mr.s.B. 			1715 Madison Street

REYES, Mrs. E.                          		71 Grove St., E, Orange, NJ
RONSHEIM, Mr. L.                            	8507 Union Turnpike, Glendale, NY
ROTH, Mr. J.                               	 65 McKee Court, W. Hamilton

SCHIEMAN, Mr. A                 134 Hull Street
SCHMIETENKNOP,Mr. and Mrs. C        245-02 Jamaica Avenue, Bellaire
SCHNEIDER, Mr. L.                       132 Hull Street
SCHUMM, Miss L.                     2971 ElPrado Blvd, Tampa FL
SCHUSTER, Mrs. L                        84-32 Dana Court, Forest Hills
SCHWANER, Mr &Mrs Carlton           88-48 74th Ave. Forest Hills
SCHWEITZER, mRS. b.                 176-10 114TH aVE., Hollis
SCRIBNER, Mrs. E.                       Ridgewood (no street/#'s)
SEEKAMP, Mr.&Mrs. herman            37 Cornelia Street
SEELIG, Mrs. J                          49 Ballard Ave., Valley Stream
STEINBOCK, Mrs.L                        1420 Bushwiick Avenue
STEINHOFF, Ernst (my GGfather)      88-34 73rd (now Rutledge) Avenue            
STEINHOFF, Mr.& Mrs.Ernest          7413 Rockaway Blvd., Woodhaven
STEINHOFF, Mr. Herman               104-19 109th St., S.Ozone Park
STEINHOFF Mr. John                  1256 Jefferson Avenue
STRAUSS, Miss Minnie                    1560 E, 46th Street
STRAUSS, Mr. W.                     103-14 127th St., Richmond Hill
STURM, Mr. C.                           643 6th Avenue, Brooklyn
STURMAN, Mr. J & Miss Lillian           84 Ralph Avenue
SUCHER, Miss A                      71-18 72nd Place, Glendale

Note: I thought the list went to the end of the alphabet, but this is all I have.
I have addresses. 
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