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Brooklyn Reformed Dutch Church Records
Old Bushwick Reformed Dutch Church by G. Armbruster


"Guide to Local Church Records inthe Archives of the
Reformed Church in America and Other Repositories," 
Compiled by Russell L. Gasero and Erica McLaughlin.

154. Brooklyn, NY---Bedford. (East, Washington Avenue) Org:1847 Status: Disb 1904
Baptisms, Marriages, 1877-1892; 
Members, 1876-1895; 
Consistory minutes,1876-1895; 
Elders minutes, 1876-1895; 
Pastors, 1877-1895; 
Elders,Deacons, 1876-1890; 
Treasurer’s cash book,1884-1896; 
Womens Board of Missions minutes, 1884-1894;
Teachers’ Association minutes,1882-1885.

155. Brooklyn, NY---Boro Park.
Records of the Boro Park Christian Men’s League, 1922-1923
(an organization of the six Protestant churches of Boro Park).

156. Brooklyn, NY---Bushwick. (Boght, Old Bushwick) Org:1654 Status: Disb 1919
Members, 1789-1916; 
Marriages, 1825-1911; 
Deaths, 1887-1910;
Consistory minutes, 1876-1913, 1915-1917.

157. Brooklyn, NY---Central. (Second) Org: 1837 Status: Disb 1851; 
	 Succeeded by Brooklyn Heights 1891
 	 Serv begun 1936. 
Consistory minutes, 1836-1870.

158. Brooklyn, NY---Church on the Heights. Org: 1851 Status:Merged with First 1931
Baptisms, 1851-1929; 
Deaths, 1852-1877; 
Members, 1851-1930;
Consistory minutes, 1928-1932;
Elders minutes, 1881-1930; 
Financial records, 1851-1873.

159. Brooklyn, NY---East. (see Bedford, Brooklyn, NY) Org:1847 Status: Dr 1904
Baptisms, 1854-1871; 
Marriages, 1854-1870; 
Elders minutes, 1853-1876.

160. Brooklyn, NY---Edgewood. Org: 1891 Status: Disb 1964
Begun as Edgewood house of Prayer by New Utrecht Ch.
Consistory minutes, 1913-1921; 
Record book of the Ladies Society, 1903-1914; 
Records of the Boro Park Christian Men’s League, 1922-1923.

161. Brooklyn, NY---Emmanuel. (East New York, Ger Amer) Org:1897 Status: Disb 1908
Baptisms, Marriages, Members, Deaths, 1898-1907; 
Consistory minutes, 1900-1905; 
Treasurer’s record book, 1897-1907.

162. Brooklyn, NY---First. (Midwout, Old First) Org: 1660 Status: Act
Prothocol of Rev. Henricus Seleyns, 1660-1664 (personal record book of the Domine) Archives.
Trans: Baptisms, 1660-1710, 1676-1678, 1688-1696; 
Members,1660-1702. In HSNY Yrbk.

163. Brooklyn, NY---Flatbush Dutch. (First, Midwout) Org:1654 Status: Act
Other locations: Flatbush has own archives.
Trans: Baptisms, 1677-1754; 
Marriages, 1677-1757. In HSNY Yrbk.
Trans: Coordinated Records of Marriges and Baptisms from the
Flatbush Reformed Dutch Church
Consistory Books [1787-1872] and the Registers of its Daughter Church at New Lots 
	[1824-1906],Kings County, Long Island, New York. By Richard A McCool and John
	G. Storm, 1996. - NYGBR 128.1.

164. Brooklyn, NY---Flatlands. Org: 1654. Status:
Trans: Marriages, 1790-1834; 
Members, 1677-1685; 
List of Pew Holders,1794;
Financial records, Property deeds; 
Excerpts from John Baxter’s journal, containing scattered baptism,
	marriages, death notices, 1790-1834. 
Du Bois Manuscript.Trans: Baptisms, 1747-1914; Marriages, 1867-1914; 
Members,1871-1914 (occassional entries beginning in 1810); 
Deaths, 1870-1914. In Rutgers Univeristy Special Collections, NJ.

165. Brooklyn, NY---Grace. Org: 1903 from Grace Chapel begun
by Flatbush Ch (1871) Status: Act
Baptisms, 1870-1901; 
Marriages, 1872-1901; 
Deaths, 1872,188-1902; 
Consistory minutes,1903-1957;
Elders minutes, 1903-1941; 
Financial records, 1910-1927,
1938-1942, 1945-1968; 
Ladies Aid Society records, 1926-1953; 
Sunday School records, 1905-1929.

166. Brooklyn, NY---Gravesend. Org: 1655 Status: Act
Trans: Baptisms, 1714-1890; 
Marriages, 1832-1890; 
Scattered death notices.
Trans: Stillwell, William H. History of Reformed Portestant
Dutch Church of Gravesend, Kings County,New York. Gravesend: 
The Consistory, 1892. - NYBGR vol 122 no.2. 
	Includes lists of elders,deacons,communicants, baptisms, marriages 
	and deaths of the 18th and 19th centuries.

167. Brooklyn, NY---Greenwood Heights. Org: 1891 Status:Disb 1972
Baptisms, 1891-1957; 
Adult, 1945-1962, 
Infant, 1944-1971;
Marriages, 1891-1953, 1944-1966;
Members admitted, 1945-1967; 
Deaths, 1893-1958,1945-1965;
Losses, 1948-1972; 
Consistory minutes, 1934-1951, 1957-1958,1961-1964; 
Elders minutes,1892-1957;
Papers, 1957-1971.

168. Brooklyn, NY---Middle. Org: 1846 Status: Disb 1887
Baptisms, 1847-1881; 
Marriages, 1847-1887; 
Members, 1883-1887;
Consistory minutes, 1874-1887; 
Elders minutes, 1846-1887.

169. Brooklyn, NY---New Utrecht. Org: 1677 Status: Act
Records include consistory minutes, 1789-1950; 
Elders minutes, 1867-1935; 
register books(marriages,baptisms, deaths, etc. with gaps), 1718-1922; 
financial records, 1679-1695, 1791-1958; 
Womens Mission-ary Society records, and Men’s Club records.
Trans: Reformed Dutch Church of New Utrecht [Brooklyn, NY]:
	baptisms, 1678-1935; 
	deaths and burials, 1795-1943; 
	members, 1787-1934.
Transcription. Frances Bergen Cropsey.
[Harriety Mott Stryker-Rodda] - NYGBR 122.3.
Trans: Stryker-Rodda, Harriet Mott. Historical Sketch of the New Utrecht Reformed Church,
Brooklyn,New York. - NYGBR 122.3
Trans: Sutphen, David S. and Teunis G. Bergen. Historical
Discourse...Reformed Dutch Church of New Utrecht, L.I., New York. Brooklyn, NY: 
Union-Argus, 1877. -NYGBR 122.2.
Trans: New Utrecht Marriages, 1662-1912. Transcr. Frances Bergen Cropsey.- NYGBR 122.3.
Trans: New Utrecht Resident’s Baptisms, 1761-1911,& Deaths, 1871-1913. 
Transcr. Frances Bergen Cropsey & Harriet Mott Stryker-Rodda. - NYGBR vo. 122.3.

(15 October 1877 Brooklyn Union Argus)
1677 - 1877
How The Ancient Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of New Utrecht began it's 
Third Century To-day - A Grand Gala Occasion among it's Congregation - The 
Order of Exercises - Interesting Relics, Addresses, etc.
The commemoration of the two-hundredth anniversary of the organization of the 
Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of New Utrecht, to-day, was made a gala 
occasion by its congregation and the church folk of the surrounding villages. 
 The present church, which was built in 1828, was elaborately decorated with 
flags, flowers, evergreens, and mottoes.  On either side of the pulpit were 
the figures "1677" and "1877" in evergreens, and in the vestibule the word 
"Welcome" was conspicuously displayed in large letters of evergreen relieved 
by a large American flag, tastefully arranged.  In front of the church the 
national ensign floated from a tall liberty pole, and near by stood an 
old-fashioned wagon labeled "John E. Lott's church carriage in 1817."  Among 
the relics displayed in the church were two very old, shield shaped 
blackboards, on which used to be displayed the number of the hymns and 
verses, as they were sung, so that tardy worshippers might readily find the 
places in their hymn books; the first Bible used in the church, an antique 
volume, 205 years old, printed in Dutch; the old hour glass, which formerly 
stood on the ends of sticks like (??? uets) and used in taking up church 

170. Brooklyn, NY---New Lots. Org: 1824 Status: Act.
Trans: Corrdinated Records of Marriges and Baptisms from the
Flatbush Reformed Dutch Church Consistory Books [1787-1872] and the 
Registers of its Daughter Church at New Lots [1824-1906],
Kings County, Long Island, New York. By Richard A McCool & John G.Storm,1996.-NYGBR 128.1.

171. Brooklyn, NY---Ocean Hill. (Herkimer St.) Org: 1885 Status: Disb 1938
Baptisms, 1888-1936; 
Marriages, 1904-1934; 
Deaths, 1900-1934.

172. Brooklyn, NY---South Bushwick. (Second, White Church)Org: 1851 Status: Act
Baptisms, 1852-1938; 
Marriages, 1851-1938; 
Consistory minutes, 1851-1935;
Elders minutes, 1872-1966; 
Members, 1851-1915; 
Pastors, 1854-1966;
Consistorymen, 1851-1940.

173. Brooklyn, NY---Twelfth Street. (Gowanus) Org: 1850 Status: Disb 1968
Baptisms, 1904-1922, 1942-1967; 
Marriages, 1904-1915;1942-1966; 
Members, 1850-1867,1904-1922;
Deaths, 1904-1915, 1942-1960; 
Consistory minutes, 1849-1867;
Elders minutes, 1849-1914,1920-1967;
Papers, 1856-1890, 1959-1969.

174. Brooklyn, NY---Williamsburgh. Org: 1829 Status: Disb 1941
Baptisms, 1840-1885, 1895-1934; 
Marriages, 1849-1883,1895-1918; 
Members, 1828-1876,1895-1934;
Deaths, 1862-1864, 1895-1934; 
Consistory minutes, 1840-1938
(relating to affairs of Bushwick Church),1914-1918; P
astors, 1829-1919; History of the church building.

175. Brookville, NY---Brookville.(Glen Head,Oyster Bay,Wolver Hollow) Org:1732 Status:Act
A Documentary History of the Dutch Congregation of Oyster Bay, Long Island. New York, ca.1902-1907.
Henry A. Stoutenburgh, compiler.
Trans: Baptisms, 1741-1834. In NYGBR.

176. Brown’s Station, NY---Church of the Faithful. Org: 1900 Status: Disb 1909
Organization meeting, 1898; Consistory minutes, 1899-1908;
Financial records, 1898-1900.

Old Bushwick Reformed Dutch Church by G. Armbruster
Woodpoint Road was the early town road from the village plot through the
fields past the burying ground near the Devoe Houses & over the meadows to 
the town dock on the Woodpoint. 
In the early settlements the burying grounds were near the church edifice. 
Bushwick village having been settled by Frenchmen, had its burying ground but no 
church within or near the grave yard. Dutch settlers joined the Frenchmen & their 
dead were buried in the town burying ground near the village. The block 
house upon the Lockout near the river shore served as place of worship 
of the Dutch settlers, but being an elevated & distant from the village, the
vicinity of the block house was not suited for a grave yard. 
The oldest tombstone in the original burying ground, was still legible in 1861 
was set up in memory of Isaac LOTT who died in 1771, aged 66. This stone & 
others were later transferred to the church yard, several bore Dutch inscriptions, 
some dating as late as 1780. 
The Bushwick Reformed Dutch Church b/w the Old Woodpoint Road, Humboldt St.,Conselyea St. 
& Skillman Ave. The original dated from 1720, a new roof was put on 
in 1790, the second & last one was erected in 1829. A church yard was established
around the church in 1814 with the entrance on Humboldt St.
In the old church the sermons were preached in Dutch & in the new church in English. 
The Sunday School was founded in 1827 & a building was erected in a portion of 
the church yard in 1879. The church was razed in 1914 to make room for the 
continuation of Conselyea St.

Old Bushwick Church had been turned over by the North Classis of Long Island 
to the City of N.Y. 
The City sold the building to a house wrecker for the $28.00. The trustees of the 
classis had stated that the building could not have been moved on account of its 
age & as a part of its site was needed for the extension of the St., it had to 
be razed. This was done in the latter part of January 1914. 
The pews were of solid rose wood & were estimated to be worth $700.00, 
the organ was included in the sale to the wrecking concern. The church members 
succeeded in having the old bell & a couple of memorial windows, which had been 
dedicated to former pastors, turned over to them by the wreckers. 
In the metal box, enclosed in the cornerstone, were found nothing but the covers of 
what appeared to have been a Bible & a hymn book. The cornerstone bore the date 
of March 30, 1829. 
One of the tablets was a tribute to the Rev. Stephen H. MEEKER who served the
from 1824 until 1876 with a few months interruption & who died February 2, 1876. 
In the 1850s he lived on Metropolitan Ave. near Graham Ave.
The North Classis still retained nine lots of the church plot. 
The site of the church had been granted on the condition that the land be forever 
used for non-secular purposes. About 1889 a goodly portion of the property had been 
divested & sold for other than religious purposes. The nine lots left, after the 
church had been razed were sold to thr  Roman Catholic Church, 
& an edifice was erected for Italian Catholics.

The remains of about 250 bodies which had been moved from old town burying ground
on Kingsland Ave., in 1879.and had been reinterred under the church 
building, later again moved to the Cemetery of the Evergreens.
Sunday school building in a corner of the church yard in 1878-79 in an 
attempt to rejuvenate the old church; this had involved the removal of 
several graves & had started a controversy which disrupted the small congregation.
The Bushwick people constituted a part of the Collegiate Church of
the county & as such were ministered to by the pastors of the Five
Dutch Towns. Revs. FREEMAN & ANTONIDES were the first regular ministers
& preached here alternately every third Sunday. There is still extant 
a receipt from the Rev. FREEMAN for his salary in 1709.
Tradition was that after the Battle of Long Island a detachment of the American 
Army passing through this town left their wounded and sick in the Bushwick Church 
to be cared for by the Dutch farmers. Lord HOWE, after finding that the Bushwick 
folk had given sympathy to the enemy, ordered the rebel church to be closed up 
& it remained thus until peace was restored.
After 1800 a bill passed in Albany gave the village title  to  ten  acres  
of  l&  in  the  village,  then  in  posession  of  the Reformed Dutch Church, 
on the ground that they had held continued  possession  of  the  property  for 
more  than  50  years.  That document did not give the boundary lines but 
went a long way toward proving the title to the property. When the territory 
of the village of Williamsburgh was extended in 1835, it was provided 
that a piece of l& occupied by the Reformed Dutch Church for public 
worship & a burying ground known by the name of Bushwick Church shall be 
excepted & excluded from the said village of Williamsburgh & the same 
shall continue to form part of the said town of Bushwick.

The Bushwick Church Records, which were in 1921 in the custody of the 
Rev. C. K. CLEARWATER at Elmhurst, L. 1., are as follows: 
Register of  Church  of  Bushwick  1792-1871.  
Old  Bushwick  Church  Records 1873-1880. 
Old Bushwick Church 1880-1896. 
Old Bushwick Consistorial Records 1876-1910.

The Rev. S. Miller HAGEMAN on November 9, 1894, dismissed
as pastor of Old Bushwick Reformed Church. He then opened a meeting
place at Humboldt St. & Skillman Ave. on November 18, 1894,
600 people being assembled. He called the place the New Old Bushwick
Church & this was dedicated on February 14, 1895. He resigned as
pastor of Old Bushwick Church on November 14, 1895.

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