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Early Roman Catholic Churches by Nationality

Since there seems to be some current interest in determining primary
ethnicity of the early RC parishes in Brooklyn, have taken on a "wee
project" ... and would invite any one with more solid info to jump right
in. Additions and Corrections to what follows MOST appreciated.

The names and founding dates were taken from the Diocesan list.  The
ethnicity was taken from that list and some city directories, and in some
cases, personal knowledge.  The ZIP is my best guess using a current
Hagstrom map.  The 1893 wards result from plotting the addresses on the
1893 ward maps.  Note well:  Some of the ward boundaries were different
in earlier years.... so what was true in 1860 may not be true for 1893.

1822, St James, 11201, 4th wd, ethnicity?
1836, St Paul, 11201, 6th wd, Irish.
1841, Most Holy Trinity, 11206, 16th wd, German
1842, Assumption, 11201, 2nd wd, ethnicity?
1843, St Patrick, 11205, 7th wd, Irish
1844, SS Peter & Paul, 11211, 13th wd, ethnicity?
1845, Holy Cross, 11226, Flatbush, Irish
1847, Immaculate Conception, 11206, ethnicity?
1849, St Charles Borromeo, 11201, ethnicity?
1849, St Patrick, 11209, Fort Hamilton, ethnicity?
1849, St John Evangelist, 11215, 8th wd, ethnicity?
1850, St Francis in the Fields, 11216, 7th or 23rd wd??, German
1853, St Benedict, [Ralph & Fulton], 25th wd, German
1854, St Boniface, 11201, 4th wd, German
1854, St Malachy, 11207, 26th, ethnicity?
1854, Visitation, 11231, 12th wd, Irish
1855, St Mary Star of Sea, 11231, 12th? 6th? 22nd?, ethnicity?
1856, St Anthony Padua, 11222, 17th wd, ethnicity?
1858, O.L. Mercy, [Debevoise / DeKalb], 11th?  3rd?, Irish?
1860, St Ann, 11201, 5th wd, Irish
1860, St Michael, 11207, 26th wd, German
1860, St Vincent de Paul, 11211, 14th wd, Irish
1861, St Mark, 11235, Sheepshead Bay, ethnicity?
1863, Annunciation, 11211, 14th wd, German
1865, St Nicholas, 11211, 18th wd, German
1866, All Saints [aka St John's Chapel], 11206, German
1866, St Stephen, 11231, 12th wd, ethnicity?
1868, St John, Baptist, 11206, 21st wd, ethnicity?
1868, O.L. Victory, 11216, 21st wd, Irish
1869, St Louis, 11206, 16th wd, French

According to the authors of The New York Irish ... their source being NYS
Census ... in 1855 Brooklyn's 7th ward had the greatest proportion of
Irish born ... 51% of the 7th ward's population of 6,471, and that St
Patrick's on Kent had the bulk of those parishioners.  Using the same
source, it appears that 5th ward [Irishtown], 6th ward [Cobble Hill], and
the 10th ward [Gowanus]  followed closely on its heels re number of Irish
born, altho as a % of population the figures were lower.

Once again,  any one with more definitive information .... Please jump in.
Thanks very much.
Pat Wood
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