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EARLY JEWISH HISTORY IN BROOKLYN & THE MEN WHO STARTED IT Source:The Borough of Brooklyn & Queens.Conties of Nassau & Suffolk.,L.I.N.Y., 1609-1924 By : Henry Isham Hazelton 1639 : New Utrecht town was settled by the Dutch. 1925 : 13th Ward of Brooklyn."It lay south of 61st extending from the Bay to 9th Ave. on Hamilton Ave.,thence to 22nd Ave., in an irregular line thence to Gravesend Bay" Included Names : Village of New Ultrecht, Van Pelt Manor, Fort Hamilton, & Yellow Hook. Afterwards, Bay Ridge, so named for the color of the soil. Founders : Jacques CORTELYOU Lord Counsel and Fiscal Nicasius DeSALLE : Attorney General Peter BUYS, Johann HELLICKERS aka SWART, Peter JANSEN, Huybert HOOCK, Jan JACOBSON, Yunker or Squire Jacobus CORLEAR Johan TOMASSE (VAN BRUNT) Jacob PETERSON, Pieter ROELOFFSE Claes CLAESSENS (SMITH) Cornelis BEECKMAN, Tunis JOOSTEN. 1st to settle : LAZALLIERE, COWENHOVEN, EMMONS, DeNYSE, BARKELOW, GILSTON, LOTT, BOGART, WARDELL, AND THE CROPSEY families. They were free farmers herders, dairymen, gardeners, all skilled cultivators. 1924 : Brooklyn including Queens had the largest Jewish Population of any community in the world. Jacob BARSONSON was the 1st Jewish settler in New Amsterdam. He landed on the ship Pear Tree, on July 8 1654. He was followed by twenty three others who took passage on the bark St.Catarina from Brazil, fugitives from Portuguese persecution. Some of them were unable to pay for their passage, and when the captain of the vessel brought proceedings against themthey were imprisioned. Governor Stuyvesant wrote the directors of the Dutch West India Comany asking for authority to expel the Jews. Under date of Aprl 26, 1655, the directors replied that his attitude was "unreasonable and unfair,especially because of the considerable loss sustained by the Jews in the taking of Brazil and also because of the large amount of capital which they have invested in the shares of the company." Powerful Jews were among the directors and stockholders. They further informed Stuyvesant that the Jews "shall have permission to sail to and trade in the New Netherlands and to live and remain there." Stuyvesant continued hostile and determined to drive the Jews from the colony. His next instructions were dated April 26,1655.They permitted the Jews to hold real estate and trade. This was the first reconition of the right to citizenship they had recieved as a compact race since their expulsion from the Holy Land. The conditions were severe. They were required to support their own poor. This act, after two hundred and seventy years of residence in America, they stand among the greatest givers to charity in the world. Styvesant's harsh terms are still recalled by Jews in every part of the United States as the reason why they must maintain their own charities, schools, hospitals, and look after their own poor. Private religious worship was permitted; but the right to erect a synagogue was withheld for several years. In 1656, the Jews were permitted to establish a cemetery on the New Bowery near Oliver Street. Asser LEVY was the most important figure among these pioneers. He came to the New Netherlands in 1654. with the refugees from Brazil. He was a "champion of the people". He was the first Jew to own land in Albany and New York City. He died in 1682 and his family moved to Long Island. Jews gave freely toward building the steeple of Trinity Church in 1711. During the 18th century many Jews were attracted to Pennsylvania with the Germans who were seeking "refuge from persecution". They settled in coast towns & the far interior. The Jews of Old Brooklyn came from mainly Bavaria. -In 1850 a large exodus of younger Jews arrived in the U.S.In 1854 : 12 of these early settlers organized a religious Society. -1855 : Congregation of Barth Isreal filed for incorporation and on July 8th 1856 it was granted. It's location, 155 Atlantic Street. Trustees : Morris EHRLICH Marcus BASS, Issac JAMES, Nahoma HOFHERMER Tagol SAMTER, Michael PRICE, John MENDES. A synagogue under administrator Solomon FURST. 12 January 1862. The Orthodox surroundings started an independant Society as Beth Elohim "The House of God", which became known as State Street Temple. 1st Confirmation of girls occured in 1873 on September 30. Miss Ida COHEN, Miss Fannie BASS, Miss Sarah LEVINSON, Miss Jessie MAWTHINER, Miss Betsy JACOBS, and Miss Emma PINNER. The congregation Beth Elohim organized in Granad Hall on Mytle Ave., 29 September 1861, was composed of Bavarians who seperated from the older congregation. Moses HESS: president Rev. George BRANDENSTEIN :Rabbi TEMPLE ISREAL organized Barth Isreal & Beth Elohim 30 Douglas St. 18 November 1869 Members : S.L.MOSES, Simon SONDHEIM Abraham ABRAHAM, L.BASS, Samuel CORN, A ISSACS Lewis LANGAFELD, Julius BAIRE, Samuel KOCH Issac DIETZ, George FALK, Gabriel BAREM Jacob WECHSLER. 1875: B'nai Sholom 9th St. near 5th Ave.,has a large Sabbath School & a Hebrew School 1875: Mount Sinai In 1980 they bought the State Street Property once known as Cong.Beth Elohim Between 1880-1890 more than 200,000 Jews came to America. Their expulsion fom Moscow and other cities forced 400,000 to rush to overcrowded cities.Emmigration followed. 1891-1900 almost 400,000 Jews came to the United States. For several years followng the Revoution there is no record of Jewish immigration or settlemet. In the 30s & 40s there were Jews in Brooklyn. These pioneers formed a congregation. A meeting was held in the home of Moses KESSEL. Soon a building was bought on the corner of old 8th and South 1st streets. the parent of Tempe Beth Elohim of Keap Street. 1st officiating minister: Rev. Mr. Barnard. He was also the 1st Hebrew teacher in Brooklyn. He was listed in the directory in 1849 under "Hebrew Teacher". 1st President :A.M.CHRISTALLER. A building, North 2nd & Old 8th Street was rented. Soon after the property at 8th & So.1st Street was purchased and the building was reconstructed into a synagogue. Issac EISEMAN, a layman, acted as rabbi. Followed: Gotthold RUBIN 1st ordained Rabbi: Ignatz GROSSMAN, a hungarian minister. Succeded by: Rev. Dr.SCHWAB, who went on to St.Joseph, Missouri. All the time the congregation was orthdox. Some younger members felt the orthodox ways retarded the process of Americanization. They formed in 1869: Congregation AHAWATH ACHIM at Meserole & Manhattan Ave. They bought the building on Johnson & Manhattan Aves which it occupied for years. Temple Beth Elohim grew. New land was found on Keap St. near Broadway. It was dedicated in 1876. -1878 : They engaged Rev. Dr. Leopold WINTNER. He was born in Kortvelyek, Hungry. Arriving in America in 1863. He aquired many wealthy members to his congregation: Morris ADLER, Ira Leo BAMBERGER, Moses MAY, Leopold MICHEL, Ernst NATHEN, Frank PENTLARGE, Henry ROTH, Aaron WESTHEIM, Moses KESSEL. Moses MAY, served as president longer than the others. Moses MAY arrived from Alsace. Lived on Stagg St. He worked for Meyer & Wrght cattle brokers. Many synagogues were built along Moore St. Many Jews settled along Ewen (Manhattan), Moore, Siegel, Varet, & neighboring streets. -1886: Beth Hamidiash Hazodal, met at Cook Sreet. Phillip FELDBLUM as rabbi was an intense orthodox. He organized a new synagogue. Beth Hamidrash Kether Torak, located at 50 Moore Street. With Jacob L. WERBELOVSKY, as president. -1889: Funds for a school were started. The women of the congregation rented a room at 44 Leonard St. 20 children attended. They organized: Machzikem Talmud Torah Ladies Society. This was the beginnings of Biblical Instruction. It flurised until 1893. Then it moved to 65 McKibben St. It boasted 150 pupils daily. -1900: A larger building was needed. A 4 story building at 61-65 Meserole St was bought. -1898: Ladies Society for the Clothing of the Needy an auxilliary of the school. Organizer: Mrs.LIPSHUTZ. Principle of the school: Wolf TERRIS. -1872: Beth Jacob was organized at 326 Keap Street. It was also orthodox. Abt., 1875, It united with Congregation Anshe Shalom on So.3rd Street. -1870: Ladies Hebrew Benevolent Society of Brooklyn -1875: Mont Sinai -1908 bought the Sate Street building once known as Congregation Beth Elohim Brooklyn Federation Of Jewish Charity: 21 distinct & seperate Jewish cmmunities. -1902: Memorial Hospital for Women & Children Classen Ave. & Prospect Place & Marks Ave. -1902 : The Womens Auxillary of the Jewish Hospital organizied. Members: Mrs. E LAUTMAN, Mrs L WEILL, Mrs S. CHARIG, Mrs C.J. JOACHIM, Mrs Jos. A. WERTHERMER, Mrs A. EHRLICH, Mrs A MAYER, Mrs L ROSENSEN, Mrs Nathan STRAUSS, Mrs A.L. STEREN, Mrs D.I. ULLMAN, Mrs A. STRERZELBACH, Mrs Max. WEBER, Mrs H.I. JOHNSON, Mrs A. WESTHEIM, Mrs E.A. GOLSTEIN Organized 1878, new building 1892, 1903: blk surrounding Ralph, Howard, Dean, & Pacific Street saw the Brooklyn Hebrew Orphan Asylum 1922: Women's Auxillary Brooklyn Hebrew Orphan Asylum. Over 700 members. 1907: Hebrew Young Mens Institute 472 5th Ave. Headquarters Young Mens Hebrew Association of Brooklyn 1907: 1st Hebrew Day Nursey & Kindergarden, 174 Leonard St. 1908: The United Jewish Aid Society The Brooklyn Jewish Hospital, Nathan S. Jones, Secretary Brooklyn Hebrew Hospital Society, Gates Ave & near Broadway. Dispenary at 70 Johnson Ave. under director: Miss Mollie Marks From the "Needles & Threads Newsletter" Jewish Life in Suffolk County, L.I.,N.Y. By:Helene Gerard Temple Adas Isreal: Elizabeth St. & Atlantic Ave., Sag Harbor Jewish Cemetery, Rte 114, Sag Harbor. Still divided down the middle by a fence.It contains some very old stones. Jewish Cemetery. Mudd Rd. Setauket., Est.1892 Temple Tifereh Isreal: 4th St. Greenport. Has the balcony where the women had to sit until the 1920s. Jewish Center of the Hamptons, Woods Lane, E. Hampton. Newer synagogue built in a former mansion.

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