Methodist Episcopal

 Local Church records are kept by the local Church.
If the church closes then the records are transferred to the Annual
Conference Archives. For a directory of local conference archives see

I hope this information is useful to you and that you find what you are
looking for. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to
contact me. 

Tracey Del Duca 
Associate Archivist 
General Commission on Archives & History 
United Methodist Church 
P.O. Box 127 
36 Madison Ave. 
Madison, NJ 07940 
Phone (973)408-3192 
Fax (973)408-3909 

E Mail :


I thought someone might find the following helpful in
searching Methodist Episcopal records in NYC and Brooklyn.

I wrote to the Archives and you would need to know the
churches you want to search.  I narrowed down the list
by using a big street map and marked the addresses I
knew with pink highlighter.. then mapped out the
churches with yellow.  This narrowed down the number
of potential churches to 4 or 5 likely.

The archives sent me the following information:

Once you have your church we would then try to figure
out where those records are today: does the original
church exist and retain their records, did they merge
with another church which now houses the records, was 
the church discontinued and the records sent to Conference, or 
have the records gone to another repository,such as the New York 
Public Library, or have they simply disappeared and we have no 
knowledge of their whereabouts.

If you can identify a few churches you would like to
start with, I can assist you in figuring out where to
look.  If the records are here, and you would like us
to search them, we can do that.  I have attached our 
Archives Use Policy which lists our rules and fees.

Please note that we are only open on Wednesdays, and I
ask that you make an appointment.  There are times
that I may not make it in if I do not expect anyone.  

The C. Wesley Christman Archives
20 Soundview Avenue
White Plains, NY  10606
888-696-6922 or 914-997-1570 ext.128 

Use Policy as of January 2004

The Archives are open on Wednesdays from 12 noon till
5pm.  We ask that you call before you come to assure
that we will be there.  

For those doing genealogical work or other research,
we do ask a donation to help cover the costs of
keeping the Archives open and operational.

To come and do research in the Archives:
$10 per day or any part thereof $.25 per copy

If you need us to do the research for you, we ask a
donation of $25 per hour or any part thereof.  $.25
per copy

Copying of any materials is always at the discretion
of the Archivist.  

Thanks: Marge Oppold
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