Presb. Historical Society, Philadelphia, PA

This is what the Presbyterian Historical Society has: "V, MI46, B79ar, Brooklyn, NY, Ainslie St. Presbyterian Church Registers: 1854-1891; 1900-1944. 4v. mss. bd. v. 1 and 2 are in poor condition. Contents: --v.1, Communicants 1854-1884.--Baptisms, 1854-1876.--Marriages, 1858-1880.--v.2, Elders, 1854-1876.--Communicants, 1885-1891.--Baptisms, 1886-1897.--v.3, Communicants, 1869-1913.--Marriages, 1907-1911.--v.4, Communicants, 1900-1944.--Baptisms, 1938-1944.--Marriages, 1938-1944." "V, MI46, B79as, Brooklyn, NY, Ainslie St. Presbyterian Church Session Minutes: 1854-1945. 5v. mss. bd. Vol. 3 also includes register containing: Pastors, 1920-1933.--Elders, 1921-1936.--Deacons, 1921-1924.--Communicants, 1912-1938,--Baptisms, 1912-1945.--Marriages, 1912-1945.--Deaths, 1911-1936." Their address is: The Presbyterian Historical Society Attn.: Genealogical Research 425 Lombard Street Philadelphia, PA 19147-1516 The Presbyterian Archives in Philadelphia has some of the records of this church at their location. They do not loan their films/books, nor do they provide research. However, they will give you the name of a researcher with whom you can contract to search for you. Hope this helps someone. Throop Ave. Presbyterian Church, in Brooklyn, New York. This Church was first reported in 1863 by the Nassau Presbytery, and it was part of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America. In 1945, through a merger with the Rosedale Presbyterian Church in Rosedale, New York, it became known as the Throop Memorial Presbyterian Church in Rosedale, New York. In 1962, the name was changed to Throop Memorial Church Rosedale, located in Queens, New York. This is still an active congregation. Over a year ago I wrote the Church at this address: Clerk of Session Throop Memorial Presbyterian Church 140-17 243rd St. Rosedale, NY 11422 Back To WORSHIP Main Back To BROOKLYN Main