United Presbyterian Church of Ridgewood
Ridgewood, NY 



The United Presbyterian Church of Ridgewood came into being when the 
St. James United Presbyterian Church, also of Ridgewood, made overtures 
to unite with the First Presbyterian Church of East Williamsburgh, 
by which name our church was known since its founding in 1863. 

The merger of the two churches took place in October 1993, coinciding with 
the 130th anniversary of the East Williamsburgh Church.

The Ridgewood Presbyterian Church (RPC), and the 
United Presbyterian Church of Ridgewood (UPC) are currently in a "yoked" relationship. 
We share the same minister, the Rev. Boyd Lowry, and participate in many of 
the same programs together. 

The Evangelism Committee for example, is comprised of members of both congregations, 
as well as the Indo-Pak Presbyterian Fellowship congregation, 
which worships at UPC on Sunday afternoons.

      Ridgewood Presbyterian Church     
		Address:  59-14 70th Ave
      			  Queens,  NY 
        Phone:  718-456-1075       
        FAX:    718-456-9268
        Web site: http://ridgewood.presbychurch.org/
        Email: mailto:ridgewoodpresby.ch@inetmail.att.net

Thanks to Kathy Tate Anderson
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