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History & Membership list-West 23d St. Presbyterian Church New York City.
The history timeline starts in 1834 and ends in 1874. 
The membership list is from a Pastoral Letter and Manual published in 1855. 

HISTORY - West 23d Street Presbyterian Church
From LDS microfilm #1313852

[At the beginning of the first book of records is the following entry]

"Early History of The Eighth Avenue Presbyterian Church"
The Presbytery of New York having directed their attention to 
the wants of that section of the city lying in the 8th Avenue 
and its vicinity, authorized their missionary committee to 
engage a man to labour in that field. Accordingly on 27 November 1833, 
the Rev'd. J. Cooke Edwards, late of the Theological Seminary of 
Princeton, New Jersey and a licentiate of the Presbytery of Newton, 
New Jersey was appointed by said committee. 

Meetings for religious worship were held in private houses until 
December 29, when the people assembled in a building prepared for 
their accommodation on the west side of 8th Avenue above 19th Street 
and on the 5th of January it was formally opened as a place of divine worship. 

On the 9th of February 1834, a church was organized consisting of 
the following members, viz.

James Scott
Anna Scott
John Marshall
Ann Marshall
Samuel Gurnee
Mary Gurnee
John Hay
James Anderson
Lucretia Owen
Harriet R. Edwards
Cochran Black
Chas. Wighton
Martin Bigg

Two of this number, Messrs. John Marshall and James Scott were ordained elders, 
and Mr. Samuel Gurnee, deacon. The Rev'd Daniel L. Carroll preached on the 
occasion from Is. 62:1 and the Rev'd Wm. W. Phillips, D. D. officiated at 
the ordination of the Elders and Deacon. 

The building in which the church was organized was a brick store, No. 189 Eighth Avenue.

1834 - 
The frame chapel upon Seventeenth St north side, west of Eighth Ave was occupied. 

March - Rev. J. Cooke Edwards accepted a call to Smithtown, L. I. 
April 18 - The Rev. Henry A. Riley was chosen pastor
April 23 - He was ordained and installed

October 31 - The church on account of the division of the 
	Presbyterian Church into Old School and New School, was 
	included in the 2nd Presbytery of New York and afterwards 
	transferred to the 4th Presbytery (N. S.)
December 24 - Mr. Riley accepted a call to Montrow, Pennsylvania

April 7 - The Rev. Robert C. Brisbin was installed pastor
1841 - The church removed to the hall in the second story 
	of the building corner of 8th Avenue and Eighteenth Street (S. E. corner)
March 21 - Mr. Brisbin's pastorate closed. 
May 1 - The Rev. James I. Ostram assumed the pastorate

1844 - 
The church dedicated its new building upon the south side 
	of 20th Street, east of 7th Avenue and Mr. Ostram 
	was formally installed as pastor. 

December - Mr. Ostram dismissed from the pastorate. 

April 21 - The Rev'd Frederick Gorham Clark was installed pastor. 

April - The corner stone of the new building upon West 23rd Street 
(lots No. 208, 210, 212, 214) was laid, and the name of 
the church was changed to: 
The West 23rd Street Presbyterian Church

March 12 - The new church was dedicated. 

December 21 - The church voted to withdraw from the 
Fourth Presbytery (N. S.) to become connected with the "Presbytery of New York"

June 22 - The entire debt was paid, the church being aided to the 
extent of $10,000 by the following churches viz:; 

- Fifth Avenue Church
- First Church
- University Place Church
- Scotch Church
- Brick Church

December 8 - The church partially burned

1866 - A mission school organized at the corner of 8th Ave & 25th West

April 23 - Rev. Frederick G. Clark dismissed from the pastorage
November - The Rev. Henry O. Northrup entered upon the pastorate and 
	early in the following year was formally installed. 

November 8 - The Young People's Sunday Evening Prayer meeting was organized. 

1870 - 
The happy reunion of the two branches of the Presbyterian Church. 

1872 - 
Organization of the Young People's Christian Association. 

July 19 - Mr. Northrup retired from the pastorate. 

From LDS microfilm 1313852

Pastor: Rev. Frederick G. Clark, 96 West 22d Street

Ruling Elders: 
James Ruthven, 
Daniel Crane, 
Tobias D. Lander, 
Henry D. Crane

Deacons: Isaac B. Smith, 
Montgomery Underwood, 
James Neafie

Trustees: John B. Jervis, 
President; John H. Mathews, 
Secretary; Gurdon Burchard, 

Treasurer; Henry D. Crane; 
George M. Tunison; 
Joseph Thompson; 
Tobias D. Lander; 
James Donaldson; 
Samuel Longstreet

Sexton: Montgomery Underwood, 166 8th Avenue

This Church was organized with thirteen members, in the year 
1834, by the Presbytery of New York, to meet "the wants 
of that section of the city lying on the Eighth Avenue 
and its vicinity." The organization was effected in a 
temporary place of worship, which had been prepared on 
the west side of Eighth Avenue, above Nineteenth Street. 
The Rev. William W. Phillips, D. D., presided on this 
occasion, and officiated at the ordination of the 
Elders and Deacons. The sermon was preached by the 
Rev. Daniel L. Carroll, D. D. from Isaiah 62:1: 
"For Sion's sake I will not hold my peace, and for 
Jerusalem's sake I will not rest, until the righteousness 
thereof go forth as brightness and the salvation thereof 
as a lamp that burneth." 

The Church was established at the recommendation of the 
"Missionary Committee" of the Presbytery of New York, 
in pursuance of a desire to extend the privileges of 
the sanctuary into the new and growing portions of the city. 
During the infancy of the enterprise, the congregation 
occupied several places of worship, meeting once in 
Seventeenth Street, and then in Eighteenth Street, 
until, in 1844, the Church edifice on West Twentieth Street 
was finished. This structure was afterwards enlarged and beautified; 
and here the worship of God was maintained until the building
became too small. In 1852, the congregation resolved to erect 
a large and commodious house of worship on West Twenty-third Street. 
In pursuance of this plan, the corner stone of the new structure 
was laid in the spring of 1853; and on the second Sabbath of 
March, 1854, the present house of worship was solemnly dedicated
to the service of Jehovah. The cost of this building, with the 
ground, was upwards of sixth thousand dollars. 

Thus, has this church been led along by the hand of Providence, 
from the feebleness of a missionary enterprise to its present 
position of enlargement and self-sustaining vigor. So that, 
in review of the past, we may exclaim, "the Lord hath done 
great things for us, whereof we are glad!" Thus also is the 
unfailing covenant of God verified - "They that sow in tears,
shall reap in joy. He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing
precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, 
bringing his sheaves with him." 

During the first two years of its existence, the Church enjoyed the 
ministrations of the Rev. J. C. Edwards, then a licentiate of the 
Presbytery of Newton, N. J., who officiated as a stated supply. 

Rev. Henry A. Riley, the first Pastor of the Church, was installed 
by the Presbytery of New York, April 25, 1835. 
The sermon was preached by Rev. William W. Phillips, D. D.; 
the charge to the Pastor was by Rev. Jared Dewing; 
and the charge to the people by Rev. John M. Krebs, D. D. 
After laboring four years in this Church, Rev. Mr. Riley accepted 
a call to another field of labor. 

Rev. Robert C. Brisbin was installed Pastor in April 1839. 
He was dismissed in the month of April 1841. 

Rev. James J. Ostrom was employed, in May, 1841, as a stated supply, 
by consent of Presbytery. He was afterwards installed Pastor, 
and continued his labors till the spring of 1852. 

Rev. Frederick G. Clark commenced his pastoral labors in this 
Church on the second Sabbath of April, 1852; and was installed 
on Wednesday evening, April 21st of the same year, by the 
Fourth Presbytery of New York. The sermon was preached by 
Rev. William Adams, D. D., from Psalm 126:3. The charge to 
the Pastor was by Rev. Joel Parker, D. D.; and the charge 
to the people by Rev. Thomas H. Skinner, Jr. 

The Lord's Supper is administered on the afternoon of the 
first Sabbath in the months of February, April, June, 
August,* October and December. 
(*This Communion Service is usually put one week earlier, to 
anticipate the Pastor's Vacation.) 

The regular Weekly Prayer Meeting is held on Tuesday evening; 
and the Weekly Lecture on Friday evening. The Preparatory Lecture 
is delivered on the Friday evening next preceding each Communion season. 

The Parochial Library is opened for the free use of the 
Congregation at the close of both of the regular weekly services. 

The Monthly Concert of Prayer is held on the first Monday 
evening of each month, when a collection is taken up for Foreign Missions. 

A Collection for the Poor of the Church is taken up at the 
close of every Communion Service. 

Parents are invited to present their children for Baptism 
on the afternoon of the Sabbath following each Communion 
and also at the Preparatory Lecture. They are requested to 
furnish the Pastor with a memorandum of the names in full
of the parents and of the children, with the date of each child's birth. 

The Sabbath School is held in the Lecture Room, twice every Sabbath, 
immediately before Public Service. Male and Female Bible Classes 
are held at the same time. The youth of the Congregation are 
affectionately invited to avail themselves of these advantages. 

The names of all persons who have been received to Church 
membership by the Session, are publicly announced at the 
next Communion season. Those received on the profession of 
their faith, are expected to stand and give their assent 
to the following: 

You do now publicly profess your belief of the Christian religion, 
as it is contained in the sacred Scriptures and received in this Church. 

You solemnly avouch the Lord Jehovah as your God, the 
Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior, the Holy Ghost as your 
Sanctifier and Comforter, and the Word of God as your only 
rule of faith and practice. 

Humbly confessing the sinfulness of your nature, the 
manifold transgressions of your life, and your past unbelief, 
you do now most sincerely devote yourself to the love and 
service of God, consecrating all your powers to the 
advancement of his glory, and intending, by Divine aid, 
to observe all the Commandments of God. 

You propose that your life shall be holy, humble and 
prayerful; to be faithful in your observance of public 
and social worship; strictly to observe family and 
secret prayer; to honor the Sabbath as a day of 
holy rest; and in every relation to promote the cause of Christ. 

You likewise covenant with this Church in particular, 
to submit to its order and discipline; to treat its 
members with brotherly love; kindly to give and receive 
all needful admonition; and diligently to attend on all 
the Christian ordinances as they are here administered. 

Be mindful, then, beloved, that the vows of God are on you. 
We charge you forget not this day. Watch against the 
beginnings of sin. Abstain from all appearance of evil. 
Be ever busied in your Master's service; and remember that 
"they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; 
and they that turn many to righteousness, as the stars 
forever and ever." 

And now, may the God of peach "make you perfect in every 
good work, to do his will, working in you that which is 
well-pleasing in his sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom 
be glory forever and ever. Amen." 


You present your children here before God, to consecrate 
them to his service. You desire to interest them in the 
Covenant of Grace which God has made with Abraham and his 
spiritual seed, of which Covenant the water of baptism is now the seal. 

You give up these children to God, leaving them to the disposal 
of his infinite wisdom, and engaging on your part to strive for 
a spirit of acquiescence in whatever may prove to be his 
holy will concerning them. 

You acknowledge that which this ordinance implies - 
the need of an inward baptism of the soul, through the 
blood of Christ and the influence of the Holy Ghost, 
to render your offspring meet for heaven. And these 
blessings, of which Baptism is the sign, you engage 
to seek of God in their behalf continually. 

You engage to teach your children to read and understand 
God's Holy Word; to render them sensible, as soon as possible, 
of their sinfulness; to point them to the Lamb of God and 
urge them to remember their Creator in the days of their youth. 
You will aim at such government in your house as shall secure 
obedience to yourselves and above all to God; while you strive 
to curb every sinful passion and to restrain your children
from the path of temptation. 

You engage to pray with and for your children; to set before 
them a constant example of godliness; regularly to maintain 
family worship; and always to walk before your house in the fear of the Lord. 

These and all other duties incumbent on you, as Christian parents, 
you undertake, with Divine aid, to perform. 

[Note: When this Church assumed the title of the 
"West Twenty-Third Street Presbyterian Church," in April, 1853, 
a new Roll was made, containing the names of only those who 
were known to be members in actual attendance upon the Church.

By this means the membership was made to appear much smaller than 
would have been the case had the Roll been left in the conditions 
of most Rolls of city Churches. As thus reduced to accuracy, the 
list of Church Members contained at this time one hundred and 
thirty-seven names. Notwithstanding many dismissions, in 
consequence of removal, the Church now numbers one hundred and 
ninety-four members. During the present pastorate there have 
been one hundred and thirty-nine accessions, forty-one of which 
were upon profession of faith. 

No pains have been spared to make the following Roll as accurate 
as possible; but, from the frequent omission of Church Members to 
inform the Pastor of their removal, errors will necessarily occur 
in the places of residence. It is requested that any errors here 
occurring may be at once communicated to the Pastor, through the 
Sexton. To secure future accuracy, it is indispensable that 
immediate notice should be given of all removals in town, or 
intended departures from the city.]


Adams, Titus - 385 Sixth Avenue
Adams, Mary Ann (Titus) - 385 Sixth Avenue

Baker, Grace M. (Silas) - 605 8th Avenue
Baker, Silas - 605 8th Avenue
Bayard, David H. - 256 W. 18th Avenue
Bayard, Mary (D. H.) - 256 W. 18th Avenue
Beach, Samuel D. - 222 W. 30th St.
Beach, Maria L. (S. D.) - 222 W. 30th St.
Beam, Rachel B. (M. R.) - 154 W. 20th St.
Beatty, George - 131 Perry St.
Beatty, Margaret (George) - 131 Perry St.
Beatty, Jeanette - 131 Perry St.
Binns, Eliza (William) - 246 W. 32d St.
Blackwell, Fanny W. - 149 W. 22d St.
Blair, Mary - 208 W. 16th St.
Blount, Margaret (wid.) - 92 W. 27th St.
Board, Achsa P. (J. H.) - 147 W. 24th St.
Board, Cornelia J. - 147 W. 24th St.
Boughton, Caroline L. (Joseph) - 197 W. 32d St.
Boughton, Caroline E. - 197 W. 32d St.
Brown, James 
Brown, Mary (James)
Bull, Richard H - 8 Fourth St.
Bull, Mary Ann (R. H.) - 8 Fourth St.
Burchard, Gurdon - 173 W. 22d St.
Burchard, Adeline (Gurdon) - 173 W. 22d St.

Cable, Annie M. (W. D.) - 201 W. 30th St.
Chapman, Mary E. (George) - 269 W. 21st St.
Clark, Elizabeth (B. M.) - 185 10th Ave.
Clark, Elizabeth S. - 185 10th Ave.
Clark, Jane - 185 10th Ave.
Clark, Eliza B. (wid. Rev. D. A.) - 272 W. 22d St.
Clark, Sereno B. - 272 W. 22d St.
Clark, Sarah B. (Rev. F. G.) - 96 W. 22d St.
Coley, Sarah E. - 146 1/2 W. 19th St.
Corwin, Emily C. (J. M.) - 307 Sixth Ave.
Crane, Daniel - 192 W. 30th St.
Crane, Elsie Ann (Daniel) - 192 W. 30th St.
Crane, Henry D. - 192 W. 30th St.
Crane, Hiram A. - 192 W. 30th St.
Crane, Julia (H. D.) - 192 W. 30th St.
Crane, Rev. Edward P. - Rockland Lake
Crane, Thomas S. - 192 W. 30th St.
Crane, William N. - 192 W. 30th St.
Crane, Emeline M. - 192 W. 30th St.

Darrow, William - 203 Tenth Avenue
Darrow, Mary C. (William) - 203 Tenth Avenue
Davidson, Sarah (Wid.) - 276 W. 33d Street
Denham, William - 159 W. 17th St.
Denham, Eliza Ann - 159 W. 17th St.
Donaldson, James - 121 W. 19th St.
Donaldson, Emily - 121 W. 19th St.
Dunn, Isabella (J. F.) - 219 W. 19th St. 

Edgar, Benjamin W. - 209 Ninth Avenue
Edgar, Phebe (B. W.) - 209 Ninth Avenue
Ervin, William - 116 Christopher St.

Fleming, Jane - 151 W. 20th Street
Fleming, Mary Ann - 151 W. 20th Street
Freeman, Lucy (wid.) 
Freeman, Susan M. (wid.)
Freeman, Maria L.
Fuller, Mason O. - 250 W. 24th St.
Fuller, Lydia S. M. (M. O.) - 250 W. 24th St.

Galloway, Lucy Ann - 200 7th Avenue
Gambling, Richard - 188 W. 17th St.
Gambling, Ann (Richard) - 188 W. 17th St.
Gilbert, George - 16 Troy St.
Gilbert, Maria R. M. (George) - 16 Troy St.
Groesbeck, William

Henderson, Jane - 207 8th Avenue
Hine, Reuben H. - 153 W. 31st St.
Hine, Eunice (R. H.) - 153 W. 31st St.
Hollister, Edwin M. - 132 W. 23d St.
Hollister, Gratia B. (E. M.) - 132 W. 23d St.
Hollister, Helen M. - 132 W. 23d St.
Hollister, George - 132 W. 23d St.
Hollister, John B. - 132 W. 23d St.
Howe, Ralph - 132 W. 23d St.
Hunt, Emily (wid.) - 147 W. 24th St.

Ivison, Henry - 292 W. 23d St.
Ivison, Sarah (Henry) - 292 W. 23d St.
Ivison, Sarah B. - 292 W. 23d St.

Jackson, Clulow - 182 W. 17th Street
Jackson, Cassandra (Clulow) - 182 W. 17th Street
Jackson, Lydia (wid.) - 165 W. 20th St.
Jervis, John B. - 216 W. 23d St.
Jervis, Eliza R. (J. B.) - 216 W. 23d St.
Johnson, Sarah (William) - 146 W. 20th St.
Jones, Lucy (wid.)
Jones, Cynthia

Ketcham, Amelia - 11 W 24th Street
Ketcham, Ann (D. C.) - 11 W 24th Street
King, William S. - 150 W. 38th St.
King, Adelia A. (W. S.) - 150 W. 38th St.

La Force, Abbey (Wid.)
Lander, Tobias D. - 193 W. 30th St.
Lander, Justine V. (T. D.) - 193 W. 30th St.
Lander, Harriet A. - 193 W. 30th St.
Livingston, Cornelia - 147 10th Ave. 
Livingston, Sarah - 147 10th Ave.
Locke, Eliza Jane (George) - 170 W. 26th St.
Longstreet, Samuel - 112 W. 16th St.
Longstreet, Margaret (Samuel) - 112 W. 16th St.
Lounsberry, Elizabeth - 46 Amos St.

Mackay Clarissa (Hay S.) - 188 25th St.
Mackay, Clarissa - 188 W. 25th St.
McIlvaine, Sarah 
McIntyre, Jane - 208 W. 16th St.
McIntyre, Mary (John) - 211 W. 24th St.
McNamee, Frances D. (H. S.) 
Mallard, Harriet - 230 W. 36th St. 
Martin, Ann (wid.) - 187 W. 25th St.
Martin, Jane - 187 W. 25th St.
Mathews, John H. - 149 W. 22d St.
Mathews, Maria L. (J. H.) - 149 W 22d St.
Mickins, William - 189 W. 43d St.
Mickins, Sarah Ann (Wm.) - 189 W 43d St.
Mitchell, Christiana (Robert) - 207 8th Ave.
Mitchell, Juliett H. (R. M.) - 139 W. 34th St.
Mitchell, Hannah M. - 139 W. 34th St.
Moase, Miriam
Moon, Margaret - 151 8th Ave.
Mott, Charles D. - Brooklyn
Mott, Mary R. L. (C. D.) - Brooklyn
Myrick, Elizabeth - 260 W. 18th St.

Neafie, James - 213 W. 18th St.
Neafie, Charity P. (James) - 213 W. 18th St.
Newcomb, Elizabeth (Obadiah) - 55 London Ter.
Newcomb, Jane A. - 55 London Ter.
Newcomb, Amelia W. - 55 London Ter. 
Norris, Sarah Ann (Noah) - 260 W. 18th St.
Norris, Olivia - 260 W. 18th St.
Norris, Thomas S. - 260 W. 18th St.

Owens, Cynthia (wid.) - 179 W. 17th St.

Paulmier, Cornelia B. (Jesse) - 55 London Ter.
Pollard, Mary E. (Isaac C.) - 51 W. 28th St.

Ranney, J. W. (M. D.) - 354 Bleecker St.
Reeve, Elias H. - 191 W. 24th St.
Reeve, Esther (wid.) - 157 W. 17th St.
Reeve, Jeremiah - 187 W. 23d St.
Reeve, Mary (Jeremiah) - 187 W. 23d St.
Robertson, Elizabeth (wid.) - 92 W. 27th St.
Robinson, Emma (H. W.) - 22 Lamartine Pl.
Rockwood, William H. - 186 W. 25th St.
Rockwood, Susan G., (W. H.) - 186 W. 25th St.
Rockwood, Susan W. - 186 W. 25th St.
Roeckel, Margaret (Joseph) - 407 8th Ave.
Rogers, Mary (wid.) - 202 W. 22d St.
Roome, Cornelia A. 
Russell, Robert - 127 W. 25th St.
Russell, Ann Maria (Robert) - 127 W. 25th St.
Ruthven, James - 100 W. 23d St. 
Ruthven, Jane (James) - 100 W. 23d St.
Ruthven, Clementina - 100 W. 23d St.
Ruthven, Clementina - 100 W. 23d St.

Sampson, Mary - 317 W. 24th St.
Sampson, Ellen - 317 W. 24th St.
Savage, Joseph W.
Savage, Letitia (wid.)
Scott, Mary F. (wid.) - 137 W. 20th St.
Seacor, Sarah (J. T.) - 10 Patchin Place
Searing, Maria (Osmon) - 224 W. 18th St.
Sears, Esther (John R.) 256 W. 23d St.
Sharp, Alexander H. - 215 6th Ave.
Slocum, Rosabella (W. S.) - 105 W. 16th St.
Smith, Isaac B. - 167 7th Ave.
Smith, Susanna (I. B.) - 167 7th Ave.
Storms, Henry - 201 W. 27th St.
Storms, Phebe A. (Henry) - 201 W. 27th St.

Thompson, Daniel - 191 W. 43d St.
Thompson, John - 193 W. 43d St. 
Thompson, Joseph - 176 W. 26th St.
Thompson, Sarah M. (Joseph) - 176 W. 26th St.
Thompson, Samuel - 187 W. 43d St.
Thompson, Angelina H. (Samuel) - 187 W. 43d St.
Tunison, George M. - 179 W. 16th St.

Underwood, Montgomery - 166 8th Ave.
Underwood, Sarah N. (Montgomery) - 166 8th Ave.
Utter, Eliza (wid.) 

Van Middlesworth, Sarah A. - 292 W. 23d St.

Washburn, George - 213 W. 17th St.
Washburn, Sarah R. (George) - 213 W. 17th St.
Waters, William - 255 6th Ave.
Wetmore, Julia A. - 11 W. 24th St.
Whippy, Caroline - 199 W. 18th St.
Whitlock, Phebe (wid.) - 67 W. 36th St.
Whitlock, Permelia W. - 67 W. 36th St.
Whitney, Timothy P. - 70 4th St.
Whitney, Emeline (T. P.) - 70 4th St.
Wills, Rachel - 275 W. 33d St.
Wilson, Benjamin M.
Wilson, Mary W. (B. M.)
Woodruff, Mary Ann M. (wid.) - 166 8th Ave.
Wright, Matilda (wid.) - 267 W. 32d St.

With Many Thanks to:
Mary Lindbo
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