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1873 Business Notices - Long Island (QUEENS)

All have either a business address or general location; most have further info on the business. WYCKOFF George Town Clerk Flatlands CARLL G. Edward Agent Flushing CARPENTER Henry Agent Flushing PECK Isaac Agent Flushing QUINLAN R. Agent Flushing STEELE J. L. Agent Flushing WHITE Coles W. & Son Agent Flushing YOUNG J. H. Agent Flushing COVERT & Gould Attorney Flushing GOULD Covert & Attorney Flushing DOWNING Benj. W. Attorney Flushing VAN NOSTRAND C. A. S. Attorney Flushing ROEMER Jacob Boots & Shoes Flushing LEGGETT T. H. Books/Stationery Flushing BARTO H. S. Mason/Builder Flushing DONALD John Carpenter Flushing HOWARD Cornelius Mason/Builder Flushing WEST Ebenezer Carpenter Flushing CORSE Frederick Druggist Flushing HEPBURN & James Druggist Flushing WHITSON Jacob Druggist Flushing CLEMENT & Bloodgood Dry Goods Flushing BLOODGOOD Clement & Drygoods Flushing QUINLAN R. Dry Goods Flushing BENNETT & Horsfield Dentist Flushing HORSFIELD Bennett & Dentist Flushing DARLING Oscar Flushing FRAME Edward H. Surveyor Flushing FOWLER B. A. Architect Flushing GOODING Stephen F. Civil Engineer/Surveyor Flushing ROSSI James C. Civil Engineer/Surveyor Flushing ROC S. D. Feed & Grain Flushing FOWLER Frederick Furniture Flushing HALLETT S. J. Cabinetmaker Flushing LAEDLIN A. M. Furniture Flushing CLARK J. J. Groceries Flushing CLEMENT & Bloodgood Groceries Flushing KINNEY C. Provisions Flushing MESEROLE A. Fish & Vegetables Flushing MOTT Daniel W. Groceries Flushing UNDERHILL J. H. Groceries Flushing CLEMENT & Bloodgood Hardware Flushing BLOODGOOD Clement & Hardware Flushing ELLIOTT Thomas Roofer/Metal Worker Flushing FIELD B. G. Stoves/Heaters Flushing HALLERAN John J. Hotel Flushing LYNCH Andrew Hotel Flushing MILLER Tony Hotel Flushing PECK Robert E. Lumber Flushing PECK J. Milner Lumber Flushing ROE George B. Lumber Flushing BRIDGES George Livery Stable Flushing SALT W. H. Livery Stable Flushing SAMMIS James H. Livery Stable Flushing BLOODGOOD A. Physician Flushing GOODRIDGE E. A. Physician Flushing MERRITT J. K. Physician Flushing JAMES Hepburn & Druggist Flushing BLOODGOOD Clement & Groceries Flushing GOSLIN Alex Carpenter Flushing HARRIS George, Jr. Agent Flushing HALL Henry W. Hotel & Liquor Corona HOWARD T. W. Architect Corona HERVEY W. C. Carpenter Corona LEE Earl Carpenter Corona MANN John S. John S. Corona MAIDHOF W. J. China Works Corona REED S. B. Architect Corona WARD L. J. Carpenter Corona HAMANN L & J Groceries Winfield HYATT C. Farmer & Surveyor Winfield KEEGAN Michael Contractor/Bridges Winfield MINER J. H. Carpenter Winfield MERKLEIN F. Beer Saloon Winfield MURPHY Thomas H. Attorney & Agent Winfield RAMHOLD Philip Road House Winfield RUCK John J. Coal & Wood Winfield TYLER John W. Flags & Awnings Winfield WALL Thomas Mason/Builder Winfield KATTENSTROTH A. M. Cemetrey Cashier Middle Village MARSHALL Thomas Rope Maker Middle Village REY Jonn B. Macaroni Middle Village SCHNEIDER John Hotel Middle Village SIEBS C. F. Hotel Middle Village SUTTE John Cemetery Supt. Middle Village SHUMACHER Henry Hotel/Saloon Middle Village WENDEL Thomas Hotel Middle Village ELLINGER T. H. Saddles & Harnesses E. Williamsburg HADFIELD J. W. Fireworks E. Williamsburg LICHT Fredk Brewery E. Williamsburg LICHT Phillip Fireworks E. Williamsburg RINGE Hermann Groceries/Feed E. Williamsburg BURROUGHS J. W. Hotel E. Williamsburg COVERT C. G. & Sons Lumber/Coal E. Williamsburg CHAMBERLAIN C. M. Cemetery Maspeth CAMERON W. T. Real Estate E. Williamsburg DANGLER Adam Hotel E. Williamsburg LAWRENCE & Bush Lumber & Coal E. Williamsburg LIVERMORE E. R. & R. B. Starch E. Williamsburg MCKENNA F. J.O.P & Groceries Maspeth POST James M. Carpenter Woodside REITZEL Louis Hotel Maspeth STROEBEL Fred Hotel Ridgewood THOMPSON J. Groceries Maspeth TURNER Wm. Hotel E. Williamsburg WOODBURY B. A. Mason/Plasterer Woodside BUSH Lawrence & Lumber & Coal E. Williamsburg ARMSTRONG & Fosdick Attorneys Jamaica DARCY J. P. Attorney Jamaica FLEMING John Attorney Jamaica REMSEN I. B. & Son Sewing Machines Jamaica BROWNE I. Jr. Architect Jamaica HIGGINS Thos. Jr. Mason Jamaica SMITH Daniel Carpenter Jamaica ENGLEDRUM Philip Bakery Jamaica EDWRADS Starr & Co. Bakery Jamaica ODONNELL John Jr. Editor Jamaica OERTEL John Jr. Editor Jamaica WELLING Chas. Printing/Publishing Jamaica MAGEE Wm. Hotel Jamaica MCHUGH Francis Hotel & Livery Jamaica OBRIEN T. Hotel Jamaica HENDRICKSON & Creed Lumber & Coal Jamaica CREED Hendrickson & Lumber & Coal Jamaica HENDRICKSON I. C. Lumber & Coal Jamaica FOSDICK Armstrong & Attorneys Jamaica DURLAND Wm. Jr. Livery Stable Jamaica ADIKE H. Groceries Jamaica ASHMEAD Alfred Liquors & Groceries Jamaica BATTU J. W. Groceries Jamaica BERNHARD Joseph Millinery Jamaica BRINKERHOFF John F. Flour & Groceries Jamaica BRUSH Richard Merchant Jamaica HENDERSON H. Feed & Grain Jamaica HENDRICKSON I. C. Dry Goods & Groceries Jamaica BARKER C. H. Physician Jamaica HENDRICKSON S. Physician Jamaica WOOD W. D. Physician Jamaica CONKLIN E. W. Surveyor Jamaica WATTS J. T. Surveyor Jamaica DELLERT Geo. Saloon Jamaica HENRY A. C. Sheriff Jamaica MCLAUGHLIN John Horse Shoeing Jamaica ROBINSON W. J. Cabinet Maker Jamaica TILLY G. E. & A. Painters Jamaica ABRAM C. E. Blacksmith Jamaica CALLISTER Thomas Blacksmith Jamaica CLARK J. M. & W. E. Groceries Jamaica DECKER L. E. Dry Goods & Groceries Jamaica DOOLEY John Saloon Jamaica GROSJEAN F. Tinsmith Jamaica JOHNSON Martin G. Civil Engineer/Surveyor Jamaica KARL M. Hotel Jamaica KRAPF G. Carpenter Jamaica PAGE Joseph A. Dry Goods/Groceries Jamaica ROWLAND H. W. Dry Goods/Groceries Jamaica VAN WICKLEN J. L. Groceries Richmond Hill WOOD A. M. Real Estate Queens DAVISON Robert A. Attorney Rockville Centre GRIFFIN A. R. Attorney Hempstead LAWRENCE D. D. Attorney Lawrence SNEDEKER J. Seymour Attorney Hempstead SPOONER & Seabury Attorneys Hempstead SEABURY Spooner & Attorneys Hempstead CLOWES T. H. Real Estate Hempstead ECKERT Henry Real Estate Brooklyn HEWLET Wm. E. Real Estate Merrick LANE C. D. Real Estate Hempstead LANGEVIN P. C. Real Estate Woodsburg MARSH Thomas E. Real Estate New York City SOUTHARD Abram Sewing Machine Freeport SMITH Arrender Agricultural Equipment Rockville Centre SEABURY A. H. Real Estate Hempstead WHITNEY Wm. E. Real Estate Rockville Centre CORNELL J. C. Blacksmith Hempstead PETTIT Mott Blacksmith Rockaway ROBBINS Wm. Blacksmith Rockville Centre WATTS Elbert H. Blacksmith Fosters Meadow ABRAMS Lorenzo Meats Hempstead AKLEY & Brother Meats Hempstead KETCHAM Valentine Baker/Confectioner Freeport NICHOLS John S. Baker/Confectioner Hempstead LUSH James Baker/Confectioner Hempstead FYFE John M. F. Carpenter Hewletts VIGOTTY Michael Carpenter Woodsburg BROWER Richard Carpenter Hempstead HUNT A. R. Carpenter Hempstead LAWRENCE Abram Carpenter Woodsburg RICH A. W. Carpenter Valley Stream SMITH & Pettit Carpenter Baldwins PETTIT Smith & Carpenter Seaford SMITH R. B. Carpenter Hempstead WHITNEY Wm. E. Carpenter Rockville Centre WOOD Jacob L. Carpenter Rockaway WOOD John A. Carpenter Rockaway KIMBALL J. Carriage Maker Hempstead STRICKLAND Samuel Carriage Maker Rockaway STANSBURY Theodore Carpenter Hempstead GILDERSLEVE M. J. Clothing Hempstead POWER James Clothing Hempstead SMITH Wm. Clothing Valley Stream SALKY Bannat Clothing Hempstead ALLEN & Kilgore Dry Goods/Groceries Rockville Centre KILGORE Allen & DryGoods/Groceries Rodkville Centre BEDELL Franklin Groceries Freeport BEDELL Andrew J. Dry Goods/Groceries Christian Hook BAYLIS J. C. Dry Goods/Groceries Valley Stream BAYLIS , Brower & Co. Grain Mill Valley Stream BROWER Baylis, & Co. Grain Mill Valley Stream CRAFT Gilbert Dry Goods/Groceries Rockaway CORNELL J. R. Grist Mill Valley Stream COVERT A. D. Flour & Feed Seaford CLARK & McFarland Dry Goods/Groceries Smithville MCFARLAND Clark & Dry Goods/Groceries Smithville CARMAN & Besnord Grist & Saw Mill E. Rockaway BESNORD Carman & Grist & Saw Mill E. Rockaway CLOWES T. H. Merchant Hempstead DARRAGH E. A. Dry Goods/Groceries Far Rockawa DOUGHTY P. Groceries Westville DAVISON O. & C. Dry Goods/Groceries E. Rockaway FLETCHER James DryGoods/Groceries Valley Stream GRIFFITH & Son Dry Goods/Groceries E. Rockaway HORTON S. J. Dry Goods/Groceries Hewletts JONES Jacob S. J. Grist Mill New Bridge JENNINGS James H. Groceries Rockaway KETCHAM Valentine Groceries/Feed Freeport JACKSON R. B. Dry Goods/Groceries Seaford MOLLINEUX F. H. Grist Mill E. Greenwich Pnt. MIMNAUGH James Groceries Far Rockaway NICHOLS J. H. Dry Goods/Groceries Freeport OLIVER W. F. Grain Mill Hempstead PEARSALL , Wright & Son Dry Goods/Groceries Pearsalls WRIGHT Pearsall, & Son Dry Goods/Groceries Pearsalls POST Samuel C. Dry Goods/Groceries Seaford POWELL C. A. Merchant Hempstead ROECKEL J. S. Dry Goods/Groceries Brookfield Station RAYNOR Edward Grist Mill Freeport SMITH & Bedell Dry Goods/Groceries Freeport BEDELL Smith & Dry Goods/Groceries Freeport SMITH Smith, Clowes & Denton Grain Dealers Hempstead CLOWES Smith, Clowes & Denton Grain Dealers Hempstead DENTON Smith, Clowes & Denton Grain Dealers Hempstead SOUTHARD Charles Dry Goods/Groceries Baldwins SEAMAN H. T. Dry Goods/Groceries Ridgewood Station SMITH Hubbard B. Dry Goods/Groceries Rockville Centre SNEDEKER S. N. Dry Goods/Groceries Hempstead SNEDEKER Snedeker & Valentine Dry Goods/Groceries Hempstead VALENTINE Snedeker & Valentine Dry Goods/Groceries Hempstead WEYANT Frank H. Dry Goods/Groceries Hewletts WILLIAMS Geo. Gristmill Smithville WRIGHT Anthony Dry Goods/Groceries Fosters Meadows CLARK Clark & McFarland Druggist Smithville MCFARLAND Clark & Mcfarland Druggist Smithville DENTON J. H. B. Druggist Freeport JENNINGS James H. Druggist Rockaway RUSHMORE B. F. Druggist Hempstead POWELL Powell & Willets Druggist Hempstead WILLETS Powell & Willets Druggist Hempstead VANDERWATER Lott Editor Hempstead WALLACE George Editor/Publisher Freeport KIMBALL J. Undertaker Pearsalls PEARSALL Wright Successor to Whitney & Pearsall Rockville POWELL R. G. Furniture Hempstead PETTIT John R. Coffins/Caskets Hempstead COLEMAN J. J. Hotel Far Rockaway CAFFREY Wm. Hotel Far Rockaway DEMOTT Warren Hotel Woodsburg DARRAGH E. A Hotel Far Rockaway ELDERT Garret Hotel Rockaway Beach ECKERT Henry Hotel Rockaway Beach FAILING A. D. Hotel Rockaway Beach HERMANN J. J. Hotel Fosters Meadows KALB Peter Hotel Fosters Meadows MULRY Michael Hotel Far Rockaway MCKIM Joseph Hotel Far Rockaway MIMNAUGH James Hotel Far Rockaway PRENDEGEST Thomas Hotel Far Rockaway PETTIT John B. Hotel Hempstead SAMMIS C. A. Hotel Hempstead SAMMIS B. F. Hotel Smithville SMITH D. W. Hotel Freeport SMITH Gelston Hotel Seaford SEITZ Peter Hotel Foster Meadows WRIGHT Charles Hotel E. Rockaway CARMAN Coles Lumber & Coal Hempstead CARMAN Carman & Raynor Building Materials Freeport RAYNOR Carman & Raynor Building Materials Freeport DAVISON O. & C. Building Materials E. Rockaway DAVISON Wm. Building Materials E. Rockaway HURDIS John Building Materials Far Rockaway LANGDON J. B. Building Materials E. Rockaway SMITH Sidney Building Materials Freeport SMITH C. S. Building Materials Seaford SNEDEKER Snedeker & Valentine Building Materials Hempstead GRIFFITH Griffith & Son Liquor E. Rockaway SMITH Calvin L. Liquor Hempstead WILLETS Geo. Liquor Hempstead GRANGER Early Mason/Builder Hempstead WALTERS Stephen Mason/Builder New Bridge WARNER C. Mason/Builder Westville CORNELIUS John D. Netting Mfr. New Bridge HERKOMER A. Silk Mfr. Hyde Park HOBBY J. T. Instrument Mfr. Hempstead LEE Lee & Brother Leather Ridgewood MINSHULL S. H. Leather Hempstead PLACE S. S. Paper Mfr. Greenwich Point AUERBACH Julius Physician Woodsburgh BATES C. W. Physician Hempstead BAISLEY R. B. Physician E. Rockaway DENTON J. H. B. Physician Freeport HUTCHESON R. W. Physician Pearsalls HAGEMAN F. C. Physician Seaford RUSHMORE E. C. Physician Hempstead CARMAN T. A. Stoves/Ranges Hempstead CARMAN Coles Stoves/Heaters Hempstead COCK Cock & Mott Stoves/Ranges Rockville Centre MOTT Cock & Mott Stoves/Ranges Rockville Centre SMITH Sidney Stoves/Ranges Freeport HENTZ Hentz & Sammis Carbonated Beverages Hempstead LOCKWOOD B. C. Carbonated Beverages Far Rockaway CORNELIUS John D. Surveyor New Bridge DENTON D. S. Surveyor Hempstead DENTON Oliver S. Surveyor E. Rockaway MATTHEWS J. J. Surveyor Greenwich Point SMITH Thomas D. Surveyor New Bridge JUENGST Daniel Wheelwright/Machinist Hempstead WATTS Elbert Wheelwright/Machinist Fosters Meadows BURTIS H. A. Boots & Shoes Hempstead BURR Marcus Academy Principal Freeport HINDS E. School Principal Hempstead RHODES A. R. Wholesaler Freeport SNEDEKER C. Marble Works Hempstead SIEBRECHT L. Florist Hempstead SEAMAN S. Cl Marble Works NYC SEAMAN Edward Union Secretary Jeruselem WHITE Robert Contractor/Rail Roads Rockville Centre WELLS Davis Planing Mill Rockville Centre VALENTINE Snedeker & Valentine Building Materials Hempstead SAMMIS Hentz & Sammis Carbonated Beverages Hempstead SIMON Levy Clothier Flushing MASTER D. Clothier Flushing BURLING Walter R. Editor/Publisher Flushing LAWRENCE J. E. Editor/Publisher Flushing CADNESS John Nurseryman Flushing HENDERSON John Nurseryman Flushing KING & Murray Nurseryman Flushing MURRAY King & Nurseryman Flushing PARSONS R. B & Co. Nurseryman Flushing PARSONS S. B. & Sons Nurseryman Flushing ELLIOT Thomas Plumber/Gas Fitter Flushing FIELD B. G. Plumber/Gas Fitter Flushing LEEK Oscar C. Sash & Blind Mfr. Flushing FICHTNER C. & Co. Tea & Coffee Flushing FOWLER Frederick G. Undertaker Flushing HALLETT S. J. Undertaker Flushing CARPENTER Henry Clocks Flushing BERGE C. Music Teacher Flushing BURK Wm. Cigars Flushing CLEMENT & Bloodgood Merchant Flushing CHEESMAN Wm. Paperhanger/Painter Flushing BLOODGOOD Clement & Merchant Flushing Dennett A. K. P. Ice Flushing BRADLEY E. W. Mineral Waters Flushing FAIRCHILD E. A. School Principal Flushing HAMILTON C. A Justice of the Peace Flushing HIGGINS John Contractor Flushing KEEFE James Blacksmith Flushing LAWRENCE Thos. Justice of the Peace Flushing MASON Joseph Plasterer Flushing BARTO W. W. Carpenter/Builder Whitestone TAFF & Smith Architect Whitestone SMITH Taff & Architect Whitestone VREELAND & Payne Carpenter/Builder Whitestone PAYNE Vreeland & Carpenter/Builder Whitestone GRAETHER Leonard F. Engineer/Surveyor Whitestone WEIMAR & Kaufmann Engineer/Surveyor Whitestone KAUFMANN Weimar & Engineer/Surveyor Whitestone BOHNE C. Groceries/Provisions Whitestone MARTENS Andrew Groceries Whitestone STEFFENS Henry Gorceries Whitestone FREYGANG C. J. Hotel Whitestone MEYER Frederick Pool Hall, Saloon Whitestone SANDS Capt. T. Hotel Whitestone GEIDEL John Bakery Whitestone GOLDHORN C. Florist, Gardener Whitestone HOWAITH Robert P. Livery Stable Whitestone HILL Harry Notary Public Whitestone MARTENS D. & P. Soda Water Whitestone SMITH C. W. Editor Whitestone UNGER Henry Shoes Whitestone FINCKE Robert Mason/Builder College Point JEUCH Michael Mason/Builder College Point KARKER E. W. Mason/Builder College Point SHELLY P. P. Carpenter/Builder College Point SCHREINER M. Carpenter/Builder College Point STONEBANK Joseph Carpenter/Builder College Point MULLER John F. C. Groceries College Point MEYER F. Dairy Products College Point ASCHENBACH Charles F. Hotel/Saloon College Point DONNELLY J. M. Hotel College Point HOELLE John Saloon College Point HAEFELE John D. Wine College Point KRAEMER Henry Billiards/Saloon College Point SCHRECK G. Hotel College Point KARKER E. W. Saw Mill College Point LEPPERT & Rottman Bricks, Cement College Point ROTTMAN Leppert & Bricks, Cement College Point STRAUCH C. Physician College Point REIMER A. Physician College Point BARDENHEUER L. Hardware College Point BECKER Wm. Undertaker College Point DUVALL Daniel S. Attorney College Point DOHRMANN Augustus L. Furniture College Point FUERST Otto School Director College Point GILLETTE G. L. Supt. Rubber Factory College Point HUNOLD F. Photographer College Point LESEMAN Prof. Professor College Point MAHLER G. House & Sign Painter College Point PAULLY Wm. Supt. Rubber Factory College Point SMYTH & Metzger Real Estate College Point METZGER Smythe & Real Estate College Point SPANGENBERG Fred German Apothecary College Point SCHLESINGER A. D Rubber Combs College Point SCHMIDT Moritz Pottery College Point SANDERSON J. Supt. Rubber Factory College Point STONEBANK Geo. A. Auctioneer College Point VAN BUSSE Conrad Supt. Rubber Factory College Point BUHRMAN W. C. Grist Mill Flushing Township HAVILAND Bros. Groceries Flushing Township JACKSON T. T. Boarding Stable Flushing Township LEITIG Charles Hotel Flushing Township POOLE E. C. Groceries Flushing Township ANABLE H. S. Land Office Long Island City BERGER Wm. N. Auctioneer Long Island City JOHNSON R. B. Real Estate Long Island City PAYNTOR G. H. Real Estate Long Island City PIDGEON Francis Real Estate Long Island City SIMON T. Real Estate Long Island City WHITNEY E. M. Real Estate Long Island City NOBLE S. B. Attorney Long Island City PEARSE W. E. Attorney Long Island City RIKER Samuel Attorney Long Island City STEVENS F. W. Attorney Long Island City VARNUM & Turney Attorney Long Island City TURNEY Varnum & Attorney Long Island City WILD R. T. Attorney Long Island City BECKLE Peter Wheelwright Long Island City FOSTER J. J. Wheelwright/Blacksmith Long Island City KUSTER Ch. Blacksmith Long Island City BENNER J. R. & Son Mason/Builder Long Island City BAISLEY W. Carpenter/Builder Long Island City BLATTNER Philip Contractor Long Island City ENGEL J. Contractor Long Island City ENNIS Patrick Carpenter/Builder Long Island City GRAMBLING A. Carpenter/Builder Long Island City GREWE & Eberhart Carpenter/Builder Long Island City EBERHART Grewe & ... Carpenter/Builder Long Island City HUGHES James Contractor Long Island City HAWKINS Jas. Contractor Long Island City KRETZER Joseph Carpenter/Builder Long Island City OKEEFE John Carpenter/Builder Long Island City PIDGEON Francis Contractor Long Island City PLUMP B. Mason/Builder Long Island City STRANG C. W. Carpenter/Builder Long Island City THOMAS H. M. Carpenter/Builder Long Island City TIMOTHY S. J. Carpenter/Builder Long Island City WOODRUFF John B. Mason/Builder Long Island City ANSERT Laurence Milk Dealer Long Island City BOWRON Wm. H. Milk Dealer Long Island City BENNETT J. R. & Son Coal & Wood Long Island City BRIDGE Wm. Butcher Long Island City CLAVEN & Company Hardware Long Island City CARRINGTON J. M. Lumber Long Island City FOSTER J. J. Market Long Island City FREDRICHS V. Butcher Long Island City HIPP Phillipp Boots/Shoes Long Island City HULSEBUSCH D. Groceries Long Island City JOST Jacob Groceries Long Island City LANGE F. F. Druggist Long Island City LAWS J. R. Produce Long Island City LANCASHIRE F. A. Butcher Long Island City LIVINGSTON J. H. Lumber Long Island City MACKIE John Groceries Long Island City MOORE Benjamin Baker Long Island City MENCKEN Henry Groceries Long Island City MCNENA Francis Groceries Long Island City NORTON M. V. B. Provisions Long Island City SCHLEHER C. D. Paints/Wallpapers Long Island City TISDALE James Coal/Lumber Long Island City WHITNEY Josiah Building Materials Long Island City WITSCHIEBEN D. A. Groceries Long Island City BARNES P. R. Florist Long Island City BUCHANAN I. Florist Long Island City LORENZ ...& Weigand Florist Long Island City WEIGAND Lorenz & ... Florist Long Island City SIEBRECHT H. A. & Bro. Florist Long Island City WITHAM J. D. Florist Long Island City WILSON Wm. C. Florist Long Island City BRADLEY James Hotel Long Island City DICKINSON J. R. Hotel/Saloon Long Island City STAHL Jacob Hotel Long Island City GREEN W. H. Hotel Long Island City HARTH M. Saloon Long Island City KRUMBECK W. Saloon Long Island City KOING Edward Saloon Long Island City KUGELMANN M. Saloon Long Island City MONAGHAN James Saloon Long Island City MCLAUGHLIN James Hotel Long Island City NOTHBOHN F. Hotel/Saloon Long Island City ROEDIGER Louis Hotel Long Island City ROBINSON J. Hotel Long Island City SCHNEIDER Gerhard Hotel Long Island City SCHMEY Jacob Saloon Long Island City SCHELER Jacob Saloon Long Island City SCHWALENBERG W. Saloon Long Island City SNEIDER B. Saloon Long Island City VAN RIPER John Saloon Long Island City WILLIAMS J. Hotel Long Island City GREGORY ...& Williams Livery Stable Long Island City WILLIAMS Gregory & ... Livery Stable Long Island City HALLET C. W. Undertaker & Furniture Long Island City ROBINSON A. S. Undertaker Long Island City WHITCOMB J. M. Undertaker Long Island City BURKE Dominic Marble/Stone Works Long Island City GOLDNER Anthony Monumental Sculptor Long Island City KAVANAGH S. J. Marble Works Long Island City KANE M. Stone Yard Long Island City MURRAY A. Marble Works Long Island City MORTON ... & Clancy Marble/Granite Works Long Island City CLANCY Morton & ... Marble/Granite Works Long Island City RYAN George Monumental Works Long Island City ATKINS D. F. Farmer's Union Long Island City HORAN John Tax Collector Long Island City TODD T. H. Publisher Long Island City BAYLIS R. L. B. Physician Long Island City BEGOR H. Physician Long Island City DENNLU L. P. Physician Long Island City GRAVES Lewis Physician Long Island City TAYLOR W. R. Physician Long Island City TRASK J. D. Physician Long Island City FAHNESTOCK John Printer/Engraver Long Island City TORREY Brothers Printer Long Island City BAILEY Wm. J. Plumber/Gas Fitter Long Island City HARMS Gustave House/Sign Painter Long Island City LOVEDAY ... & Henshaw Painter/Paperhanger Long Island City PEARSALL D. G. Painter Long Island City ROBINSON Frank Plumber/Gas Fitter Long Island City WOODRUFF C. A. Steam & Gas Fitter Long Island City AUTENRIETH G. Furniture Maker Long Island City APPLETON John Shirt Manufacturer Long Island City BOSTWICK J. A. & Company Oils Long Island City BABBITT B. T. Soap Long Island City CALMAN Emil & Co. Varnish & Paint Long Island City PIRZ Anthony Chemical Works Long Island City BURKE R. W. Oil Works Long Island City ELKINS H. W. Fertilizers Long Island City FLEISCHMANN ... & Company Compressed Yeast Long Island City GRAY Sylvester Refrigerator Mfr. Long Island City JAGGAR L. M. & Sons Oil Stone Long Island City JOHNSON A. P. Piano Case Mfr. Long Island City CASSIDY Thomas Foundry/Pattern Maker Long Island City MACY Josiah & Sons Oil Long Island City SMITH Jno. Pottery Long Island City MENDELL W. W. Sash & Blind Maker Long Island City MCALONEY John Carpet Mfr. Long Island City OHARA Robert Steam Boiler Works Long Island City PROTZMANN G. C. W. Cigars Long Island City PRESTON H. & Sons Fertilizers Long Island City RINK J. S. Cigars Long Island City ROMAINE ... & Company Canned Foods Long Island City SMEDLEY ...& Hibbard Lard & Tallow Long Island City HIBBARD Smedley & ... Lard & Tallow Long Island City TAYLOR & Company Coach/Wagon Maker Long Island City WADE H. D. & Company Printing Inks Long Island City WILSON W. D. & Company Printing Inks Long Island City WALTER Geo. C. Cigars Long Island City ANDERSON J. H. Contrator/Road Builder Newtown Village BURLEIGH George Hotel/Saloon Newtown Village BURFORD T. S. Bakery Newtown Village BEHNING H. Piano Fortes Newtown Village FURMAN W. E. Dry Goods/Groceries Newtown Village FEHAN Richd Shades,Wines, Liquors Newtown Village GALER G. S. Physician Newtown Village HOWARD E. & A. Dry Goods/Groceries Newtown Village HOLT Henry Physician Newtown Village HUMBERT W. H. Druggist Newtown Village JOHNSON W. Carpenter/Builder Newtown Village WRIGHT George Physician Newtown Village HENSHAW Loveday & ... Painter/Paperhanger Long Island City Transcriber: Audrey Carey RETURN to LONG ISLAND MAIN RETURN to DIRECTORY BUSINESS MAIN RETURN to DIRECTORY MAIN RETURN to BROOKLYN MAIN