This was in the Huntington Historical Society Newsletter, Vol.22, No.2, February 1999.

US CATHOLIC "Information on 203 Catholic archives dioceses and archdioceses, religious institutes, and colleges and universities. Includes address, phone numbers, email, Web sites, and when available, the type of repository, archivist's name, hours of operation, program description, records availability and collection descriptions. Eventually, scanned documents and photos will be added."

This might be of some help first: History of the first Catholic Churchs in Brooklyn


All Saints115 Throop Ave, Brooklyn NY 112061866
Annunciation259 N Fifth St, Brooklyn NY 112111863
Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary64 Middagh St, Brooklyn NY 112011842
Blessed Sacrament198 Euclid Ave, Brooklyn NY 112081891
Epiphany96 S Ninth St, Brooklyn NY 112111905
Epiphany and St. Simon2910 Avenue M, Brooklyn NY 
Fourteen Holy MartyrsClosed 1976; now St Martin of Tours/Fourteen Holy Martyrs, 1288 Hancock St, Brooklyn NY 112211887
Good Shepherd1950 Batchelder St, Brooklyn NY 112291927
Guardian Angel2978 Ocean Pkwy, Brooklyn NY 112351885
Holy Apostles622 Greenwood Ave, Brooklyn NY 
Holy Cross2530 Church Ave, Brooklyn NY 112261845
Holy Family205 14th St, Brooklyn NY 112151876
Holy Family9719 Flatlands Ave, Brooklyn NY 112361880
Holy Family21 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn NY 112221905
Holy GhostNow Holy Spirit, 1712 45th St, Brooklyn NY 112041919
Holy Innocents279 E 17th St, Brooklyn NY 112261909
Holy Name245 Prospect Park W, Brooklyn NY 11215-58071878
Holy Rosary141 Chauncey St, Brooklyn NY 112331889
Immaculate Conception72 Maujer St, Brooklyn NY 11206
Note: (22 Aug 2004) Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin is usually
called "St. Mary's. This church was established in 1853 and
is still there at 72 Maujer Street, Brooklyn, NY  11206  
(718) 384-0765
Immaculate Heart of Mary2805 Ft Hamilton Pkwy, Brooklyn NY 112181893
Luke and Matthew520 Clinton Ave, Brooklyn NY 
Mary Queen of Heaven1395 E 56th St, Brooklyn NY 112341927
Most Holy Trinity138 Montrose Ave, Brooklyn NY 112061841
NativityClosed; now St Peter Claver, 29 Claver Pl, Brooklyn NY 112381871
Our Lady Help of Christians1315 E 28th St, Brooklyn NY 112101927
Our Lady of Angels7320 Fourth Ave, Brooklyn NY 112091891
Our Lady of Charity1669 Dean St, Brooklyn NY 112131903
Our Lady of Consolation184 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn NY 112111909
Our Lady of Czenstochowa Now Our Lady of Czenstochawa/St Casimir, 183 25th St, Brooklyn NY 112321896
Our Lady of Good Counsel915 Putnam Ave, Brooklyn NY 112211886
Our Lady of Grace430 Avenue W, Brooklyn NY 112351935
Our Lady of Guadalupe7201 15th Ave, Brooklyn NY 112281906
Our Lady of Lebanon113 Remsen St, Brooklyn NY 112011906
Our Lady of Loreeto124 Sackman St, Brooklyn NY 112331894
Our Lady of Lourdes11 de Sales Pl, Brooklyn NY 112071872
Our Lady of Mercy680 Stone Ave, Brooklyn NY 112121961
Our Lady of MercyClosed 1930; contact The Chancery, 75 Greene Ave, Brooklyn NY 112381857
Our Lady of Miracles757 E 86th St, Brooklyn NY 112361934
Our Lady of Mount Carmel275 N Eighth St, Brooklyn NY 112111887
Our Lady of Peace522 Carroll St, Brooklyn NY 112151899
Our Lady of Perpetual Help526 59th St, Brooklyn NY 11220
History and lovely photos:
Our Lady of PilarNow Ss Peter & Paul/Our Lady of Pilar, 234 Congress St, Brooklyn NY 112011916
Our Lady of Refuge2020 Foster Ave, Brooklyn NY 112101911
Our Lady of Solace2866 W 17th St, Brooklyn NY 112241900
Our Lady of SorrowsClosed 1942; contact St Joseph Patron, 185 Suydam St, Brooklyn NY 11221 1889
Our Lady of the Presentations1661 St Marks Ave, Brooklyn NY 112331887
Our Lady of the Rosary Pompei225 Siegel St, Brooklyn NY 112061900
Our Lady of Victory583 Throop Ave, Brooklyn NY 112161868
Polish Nat'l Church of Ressurection137 Meserol Avenue, Brooklyn NY 
Precious Blood70 Bay 47th St, Brooklyn NY 112141927
Queen of All Saints 300 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn NY 112051879
Resurrection2325 Gerritsen Ave, Brooklyn NY 112291924
Sacred Heart (Barren Island) Closed 1942; contact The Chancery, 75 Greene Ave, Brooklyn 112381900
Sacred Heart 41 Adelphi St, Brooklyn NY 112051871
Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary Now Sacred Hearts of Jesus, Mary & St Stephen, 108 Carroll St, Brooklyn NY 112311882
Ss Cyril & Methodius119 Eagle St, Brooklyn NY 112221917
Ss Peter & Paul71 S Third St, Brooklyn NY 112111844
Ss Simon & Jude185 Van Sicklen St, Brooklyn NY 112231897
St Agatha702 48th St, Brooklyn NY 112201912
St Agnes417 Sackett St, Brooklyn NY 112311878
St AmbroseClosed 1978; now Our Lady of Montserrate/St Ambrose, 134 Vernon Ave, Brooklyn NY 112061883
St Andrew340 Euclid Avenue, Brooklyn NY 
St Andrew the Apostle6713 Ridge Blvd. Brooklyn NY 11220 
St Ann251 Front St, Brooklyn NY 112011860
St Anselm356 82nd St, Brooklyn NY 112091922
St Anthony of Padua862 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn NY 112221856
St Athanasius2154 61st St, Brooklyn NY 112041913
St Augustine116 Sixth Ave, Brooklyn NY 112171870
St Barbara138 Bleecker St, Brooklyn NY 112211893
St BenedictClosed 1973; contact The Chancery, 75 Greene Ave, Brooklyn NY 112381853
St Bernadette8201 13th Ave, Brooklyn NY 112281935
St Bernard2017 E 68th St, Brooklyn NY 112341961
St BernardClosed 1941; contact The Chancery, 75 Greene Ave, Brooklyn NY 112381871
St BlaiseNow St Francis of Assisi/St Blaise, 319 Maple St, Brooklyn NY 112251905
St Boniface109 Willoughby St,Brooklyn NY 112011854
St Brendan1525 E 12th St, Brooklyn NY 112301907
St Brigid409 Linden St, Brooklyn NY 112271882
St CasimirClosed 1980; now, Our Lady of Czenstochowa/St Casimir, 184 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn NY 112111875
St Catherine of Alexandria1119 41st St, Brooklyn NY 112181902
St Catherine of Genoa520 Linden Blvd, Brooklyn NY 112031911
St Cecilia84 Herbert St, Brooklyn NY 112221872
St Charles Borremeo21 Sidney Pl, Brooklyn NY 112011849
St Columba2163 Kimball St, Brooklyn NY 112341967
St ColumbkilleContact Ss Cyril & Methodius, 119 Eagle St, Brooklyn NY 112221908
St Edmund2460 Ocean Ave, Brooklyn NY 112291922
St EdwardNow St Michael/St Edward, 108 St Edward St, Brooklyn NY 112051891
St Ephrem929 75th St, Brooklyn NY 112281921
St Finbar138 Bay 20th St, Brooklyn NY 112141880
St Fortunata2609 Linden Blvd, Brooklyn NY 112081934
St Frances Cabrini35 Bay 11th St, Brooklyn NY 112281963
St Francis de Chantal1273 58th St, Brooklyn NY 112191891
St Francis in the FieldsClosed 1888; contact The Chancery, 75 Greene Ave, Brooklyn NY 112381850
St Francis of Assisi Now St Francis of Assisi/St Blaise, 319 Maple St, Brooklyn NY 112251898
St Francis of Paola219 Conselyea St, Brooklyn NY 112111918
St Francis Xavier225 Sixth Ave, Brooklyn NY 112151886
St Gabriel749 Linwood St, Brooklyn NY 112081901
St George207 York St, Brooklyn NY 112011909
St Gregory224 Brooklyn Ave, Brooklyn NY 112131905
St Ignatius1150 Carroll St, Brooklyn NY 112251908
St James250 Cathedral Pl, Brooklyn NY 112011822
St Jerome2900 Newkirk Ave, Brooklyn NY 112261901
St John Baptist790 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn NY 112061868
St John Cantius479 New Jersey Ave, Brooklyn NY 11207
See 1910 St. John Cantius
ARTICLE about Beginnings
St John Evangelist250 21st St, Brooklyn NY 112151849
St Joseph Patron185 Suydam St, Brooklyn NY 112211921
St Joseph856 Pacific St, Brooklyn NY 112381850
St Jude9401 Seaview Ave, Brooklyn NY 112361961
St Laurence990 Van Siclen Ave, Brooklyn NY 112071964
St LeonardClosed 1978; contact St Joseph Patron Universal Church, 185 Suydam St, Bushwick, Brooklyn NY 112211872 St. Leonard, only a few blocks away, stands as a ghost with grafitti and busted out windows.An interesting story. When St. Leonards was a German parish a few blocks away an Italian (Sicilian really) neighborhood was beginning to bloom. More and more Sicilians came to St. Leonards to pray. However the Germans disliked this. Finally one day, I believe on a Sunday, all of the Germans linked arms and would not let the Italians into the church for worship! Faced with the dilemma of not having a church to go to and this being a very large problem for Italans, the women took off their gold bracelets, earings, etc... which were commonly seen on impoverished Italian immigrants because they were passed down for hundreds of years, and the gold was melted. With the money raised from this they built the church of St. Joseph on Suydam St. Today St. Leonards is closed since the 1970s whereas St. Joseph is still somewhat Sicilian, run by ITalian Scalabrini fathers, and has a huge Spanish congregation.
St LouisClosed 1939; contact St Lucy/St Patrick, 285 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn NY 112061869
St LucyClosed 1974; contact St Lucy/St Patrick, 285 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn NY 112051904
St Malachy129 Van Siclen Ave, Brooklyn NY 112071854
St Margaret Mary215 Exeter St, Brooklyn NY 112351920
St Mark2609 E 19th St, Brooklyn NY 112351861
St Martin of ToursNow St Martin of Tours / Fourteen Holy Martyrs, 1288 Hancock St, Brooklyn NY 112211906
St Mary Mother of Jesus2326 84th St, Brooklyn NY 112141889
St Mary of the AngelsClosed 1981; contact Annunciation, 259 N Fifth St, Brooklyn NY 112111888
St Mary Star of the Sea467 Court St, Brooklyn NY 112311855
St Matthew1123 Eastern Pkwy, Brooklyn NY 111121886
St Michael Archangel Now St Michael/St Edward, 108 St Edward St, Brooklyn NY 112051891
St Michael225 Jerome St, Brooklyn NY 112071860
St Michael352 42nd St, Brooklyn NY 112321870
St Nicholas26 Olive St, Brooklyn NY 112111865 It's in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and is a 'daughter' church of Most Holy Trinity, RC on Montrose & Graham.
St Patrick9511 Fourth Ave, Brooklyn NY 112091849
St PatrickSt Lucy/St Patrick, 285 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn NY 112051843 NOTE: See St. Patrick's Beginnings
St PaulSs Peter & Paul/Our Lady of Pilar, 234 Congress St, Brooklyn NY 112011836 NOTE: See St. Paul's Beginnings
St Peter Claver29 Claver Pl, Brooklyn NY 112381920
St PeterMerged with St Paul; contact Ss Peter & Paul/Our Lady of Pilar, 234 Congress St, Brooklyn NY 112011859
St Rita275 Shepherd Ave, Brooklyn NY 112081913
St Rocco216 27th St, Brooklyn NY 112321902
St Rosalia1230 65th St, Brooklyn NY 112191902
St Rose of Lima269 Parkville Ave, Brooklyn NY 112301870
St Saviour611 Eighth Ave, Brooklyn NY 112151905
St Stanislaus Kostka607 Humboldt St, Brooklyn NY 112221896
St Stanislaus MartyrClosed 1979; contact Holy Family, 205 14th St, Brooklyn NY 112151890
St StephenNow Sacred Heart/St Stephen, 108 Carroll St, Brooklyn NY 112311866
St Sylvester416 Grant Ave, Brooklyn NY 112081923
St Teresa563 Sterling Pl, Brooklyn NY 112381874
St Therese of Lisieux1281 Troy Ave, Brooklyn NY 112031926
St Thomas Aquinas1550 Hendrickson St, Brooklyn NY 112341885
St Thomas Aquinas249 Ninth St, Brooklyn NY 112151884
St Vincent de Paul167 N Sixth St, Brooklyn NY 112111860
St Vincent Ferrer1603 Brooklyn Ave, Brooklyn NY 112191923
The Virgin Mary216 Eighth Ave, Brooklyn NY 112151910
Transfiguration263 Marcy Ave, Brooklyn NY 112111874
Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary98 Richard St, Brooklyn NY 112311854

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Re: St. James Cathedral / Leivaux
I received from the diocese, two lists relating to R.C.
churches in Brooklyn. 
On the "parishes by neighborhood" list, there are two churches listed in 
"downtown Brooklyn,"
one of which is St. James Cathedral - Basilica. This church should
be on the alphabetical listing of Brooklyn churches, which supplies the
address and identity of the current records custodian;

however St. James is missing from the other list. 
So, I suggest you contact the other church listed as being in downtown, 
which is 
St. Boniface,
109 Willoughby St., tel. 718-875-2096 
(it was established 1854).

The Best Source on Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre
Information for those searching for information about their ancestors
who may have been:
born in,
baptized in,
in an orphanage run by,
educated in,
married in,
buried within
a facility under the auspices of the
Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre,
would be :

Ms. Jean Wassong
Diocesan Archivist
50 North Park Avenue
Rockvile Centre, NY 11570
e-Mail: not yet on line (but will be shortly)
tel: 516/678-5800, X594

fax: 516/764-3316
Ms. Wassong is responsible for records on and after 1957,
when the Diocese of Rockville Centre separated from the
Diocese of Brooklyn. Likewise, the Diocese of Brooklyn is
responsible for records on and after 1853, when the
Diocese of Brooklyn separated from the Diocese of New York.


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