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1849 NEWS
1849 Advertisements..Business Cards
1849 Story of the Apple Girl
1849 Story of the Neighbors

Brooklyn Daily Eagle News 1860January

1885 News
1885 Deaths
1885 State Street Machine Shop Fire ("Glass House" Catastrophe)

1855-1894 Deaths
1895-1899 Deaths
1900-1912 Deaths
1914 Marriages
1914 Marriages
1925 Marriage Licenses
1855-1900 Announcements.Marriage.News
1900-1910 Announcements.Marriage.News
1911-19 Announcements.Marriage.News

1874 Recollections by one of the old time boys
1888 Brooklyn Ladies Who Will Welcome Their Friends for the New Year
1909 Eagle Contest Names & Address of contestants

1914 Marriages

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