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Dutch Land Grants 1630 - 1664
List of Patents issued by the Dutch Government from 1630 to 1664, 
rendered as complete as the Books of Patents and Town Records now admit. 
From History of New Netherland by E.B. O'Callaghan, (c) 1855.

Reminiscences of New York by an Octogenarian (1816 - 1860) 
Contains history of streets, churches and pictures.
by Charles H. Haswell, published in 1896. 
It describes, in a wealth of tiny details, a time when Greenwich Village was a village, 
and one could hunt snipe and other birds in what is now south of midtown Manhattan. 
It has about 100 engravings, of which 32 are in the completed portion of the book, found here. 

I: 1816 - Jacob Radcliffe, Mayor
II: 1816 (continued) - Jacob Radcliffe, Mayor
III: 1816 (continued) - Jacob Radcliffe, Mayor
IV: 1817-1818 - Jacob Radcliff (1817-1818); Cadwallader D. Colden, (1818) Mayors
V: 1819-1820 - Cadwallader D. Colden, Mayor
VI: 1821-1822 - Cadwallader D. Colden (1821);Stephen Allen (1821-22) Mayors
VII: 1823-1824 - Stephen Allen (1823), Wm Paulding(1823-24) Mayors
VIII: 1825 - William Paulding and Phillip Hone, Mayors
IX: 1826 - Phillip Hone and Wm. Paulding Mayors
X: 1827 - Phillip Hone and Wm. Paulding Mayors
XI: 1827 - William Paulding mayor
XII: 1828-29 - Wm Paulding (1828-29) and Walter Bowne (1829) mayors
XIII: 1830-31 - Walter Bowne, Mayor
XIV: Walter Bowne, 1832 and 1833, 1832 and 1833; Gideon Lee, 1833, Mayors
XV: 1834-1835, Gideon Lee, 1834, and Cornelius W. Lawrence, 1834 and 1835, mayors
XVI: 1836-1837.-Cornelius W. Lawrence, 1836-1837, Aaron Clark, 1837, mayors
XVII: 1838-1839-1840.- Aaron Clark, 1838 and 1839, and Isaac L. Varian, 1839 and 1840, mayors
XVIII: 1841.- Isaac L. Varian and Robert H. Morris, mayors
XIX: 1842.- Robert H. Morris, mayor
XX: 1843-1844.- Robert H. Morris, 1843 and 1844; and James Harper, 1844, mayors
XXI: 1845-1846.- James Harper, 1845; William F. Havemeyer; 1845-1846, and Andrew H. Mickle, 1846, mayors
XXII: 1847-1848.- Andrew H. Mickle, 1847; William V. Brady, 1847-1848; and William F. Havemeyer, 1848, mayors
XXIII: 1849, 1850, 1851.- William F. Havemeyer, 1849; Caleb S. Woodhull, 1850; and Ambrose C. Kingsland, 1851,mayors
XXIV: 1852, 1853, 1854.- Ambrose C. Kingsland, 1852; Jacob A. Westervelt, 1853 and 1854, mayors
XXV: 1855, 1856, 1857.- Fernando Wood, 1855-1857, mayor
XXVI: 1858-1859.- Daniel F. Tiemann, mayor
XXVII: 1860.- Fernando Wood, mayor

What you'll find in our Gallery here are many prints depicting the Broadway of 
Yesteryear and old photographs from a collection called Old New York.
Come with me on a virtual journey through our Cyber-Museum. 
- Robert Rusie 
The History of the Great White Way

FIRST New York City Directory

1851-1852 New York City Directory

TROW'S 1866-1867 New York City Directory

1875-1876 ELITE PRIVATE ADDRESS & CARRIAGE New York City Directory




Forgotten New York"The BEST site for Manhattan
Forgotten Streets and OriginsA compilation..Manhattan Beginnings
The Lower East Side1896 Harpers Magazine
Old Streets & ChangesFrom 1876 Brooklyn Union Newspaper
Lipensard's MeadowBeginnings
Trinity ChurchBeginnings & Lawsuit

BLACKWELL Island..Complex & History
Timeline of Island History
The Island in 1866
The Workhouse
MAP of BLACKWELL Island (Roosevelt Island)

GOVERNOR'S IslandAn overview of it's History
CASTLE WILLIAM..Governor's Island1907 Look at Prision Life
New York HistoryPrior to 1900
The Empire State Building1931 Article on it's opening
New York City History..Pre 1900
Wonderful Site for New York CityArchitecture, History,

The 5 Points
The Gangs of New York
William Poole
John Morrissey
The War Between New York Gang Chiefs: Monk Eastman and Paul Kelly

The Draft Riots of 1863 New York City
Eye Witness Letters of Edward Markoe Wright

New York City Police Museum and list of 1st Black Officers

Our Police Protectors History of New York Police

THE SINS OF NEW YORK : As "Exposed" by the Police Gazette

Panic, Depression & Economic Crisis Prior to 1930s

Historic Overview of N.Y.C. Crossings
The Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel
The Manhattan Bridge
The Queensboro Bridge
The Triboro Bridge
Queens Midtown Tunnel
The Hell-Gate Bridge
The Brooklyn-Queens Expressway
The Gowanus Expressway

Yellow Fever of 1798
The 1832 Cholera Epidemic in New York State: 19th Century Responses to Cholerae Vibrio
1918 Influenza..Timeline

1776 GREAT FIRE of NEW YORKMap shows NOT only area of fire BUT lists places and their locations as the fire commenced.
The Great Fire in New York1835 Story
The Great Fire in New YorkEyewitness description of 1835 fire
1888 Great BlizzardIn Manhatan
Blizzard of 1888The Great White Hurricane
1896 Heat-waveIn Manhattan

Depression: Breadlines: long line of people waiting to be fed: New York City: in the absence of substantial government relief programs during 1932, free food was distributed with private funds in some urban centers to large numbers of the unemployed. (Circa February 1932)

A Historical Tour of the Greatest Street in the World..BROADWAY..Pre 1911

Hell's Kitchen: The Roaring Days of New York's Wild West Side by Richard O'Connor
Hell's Kitchen Street Map
China Town..It's History, People, today

New York & its origins..Legend & Reality


Baptisms 1st Presbyterian Church, NYC January 1791
Manhattan Churches 1661Church expansions
Manhattan Churches 1695Church expansions
Manhattan Churches 1728Church expansions
Manhattan Churches 1755Church expansions
Manhattan Churches 1767Church expansions
Manhattan Churches 1797Church expansions
Manhattan Church ListingsALL denominations
Manhattan WorshipAs listed in the 1881Directory
Archdiocese of New YorkListing also New York Churches
MANHATTAN Catholic NameProvided by Charles Sullivan
MANHATTAN Catholic Date EstablishedProvided by Charles Sullivan
MANHATTAN Catholic zip codeProvided by Charles Sullivan
Local Catholic History and Ancestors of N.Y.Excellant site with helpful links..
Manhattan Catholic ChurchesBy Wards..


New York ProgressThese maps show how N.Y. progressed in growth from 1661 thru 1817.
1728Lyne Plan of Manhattan
1729 Plan of NEW YORKSurveyed by James Lyne
1755 Plan of NEW YORKF. Maerschalck, City Surveyor
1766 & 1767 Plan of the City NEW YORKB.Ratzen, surveyor
1767 Plan of the City NEW YORKBern & Ratzen
1782 New YorkHill's Map
1803 Plan of the City of New YorkActual survey:Goerck & Mangin
1807 The City of New YorkThe Commissioners Map
1873 NEW YORKMANHATTAN :showing wards 1-22 including Yorkville
1903Manhattan, NYC, from the Battery to 55th St.
1903Manhattan, NYC, from 56th to 151st St.
1903Manhattan, NYC, from 152nd to Morris Heights & west part of Bronx from Tremont to Wmsbridge.
1903West Part of Bronx; Wmsbridge to City Line & East Bronx: 149th to Morris Pk & Westchester
1903East Bronx: from Westchester to City Line
1911 MANHATTANStreets
1915 MANHATTANFrom the 1915 Manhattan Street Guide Directory
Manhattan AddressFor Locating a Street in Manhattan today
The Chronology of 291 Church Street
A large tract of land called Trinity Farms, sometimes called Kings Farms
Building History..Manhattan

1800s Map of New York Wards with Key to Locations
1842 City of New York Proposed alteration of the boundaries of the several wards as reported by the Committee on Laws.
1850 City of New York Enumeration Districts
State Census 1855 Election District Bounadries Manhattan
1860 Street Index Manhattan
1864 Wards
1870 New York City First Enumeration
1870 New York City 2nd Enumeration
1870 E.D.s for the 2nd Enumeration 1st-11th-13th Ward (Streets/Eds)
New York City 1870 Finding Aid
1870 The 2d Enumeration 17th Ward NYC
1878 Manhattan Street Index
1903 Ward Boundaries Manhattan
1903 Assembly/Alderman Districts Manhattan & Bronx
1910 Ward Boundaries Manhattan & Bronx
1915 Ward Boundaries & Assembly Districts Manhattan
1915 New York City E.D.s 1---18 & house #s
1925 New York City Street Index
1925 New York Assembly District Map

1913 Evening High School NYCGraduates..May
P.S.#96 Junior High NYCGraduating Class 1923
De LaSalle InstituteGraduating Class 1926
De LaSalle InstituteGraduating Class 1927
Savage School for Physical EducationGraduating Class 1928
New York POLICE AcademyGraduating Class 1928
Polytechnic Preparatory Country Day SchoolGraduating Class 1934
Regis High SchoolGraduating Class 1941

Staten IslandHistory..Prior to 1927
Staten IslandHistoric Associations
Historic DistrictsLandmarks on Staten Island
Snug Harbor1901-1925
1885 Westfield, Richmond Co.List of School families & children

Westchester County Archives Indexes to On line Series
Including: Indexes 
Declarations of Intention, 1808-1927 
Cemetery Records, Veterans, 1775 - 1918 [Updated 7/14/2000] 
Court Records, 1778 - 1885 [Updated 1/17/2001] 
Government Publications by Westchester County Departments, 1915-Present   
Historic Preservation Survey Records, 1983 
Incorporation Records, 1876-1926  [Updated 5/17/2000] 
Incorporation Records: Personal Names Index, 1848- 1906 
Marriage Records, 1908-1928  [Updated 7/29/2002] 
Miscellaneous Records, 1840 - 1916 [Updated 12/1/2000] 
Naturalization Records, 1808-1927
School Reports, 1828-1927

N. Y.Water-Front Tugboat/Barge Captains1881-1896
" How The Other Half Lives"JACOB A. RIIS On-Line Book

The Lower East Side Tenement Museum...Photos, A Tenement sealed from change since 1935
Visit the homes of German-Jewish & Italian Catholic families 
surviving the Panic of 1873 and the Great Depression
See the homes & garment shop of Jewish families who lived in 
the tenement during the “great wave” of immigration to America.
Visit the 1869 home of the Moores, Irish immigrants coping with 
the death of a child.

Meet Victoria Confino, a teen-age, Sephardic-Jewish immigrant played 
by a costumed interpreter. Set during 1916. 

Visit 12 Lower East Side sites important to immigrants past & present. 

Manhattan Address LocatorAny Street, any Avenue.
Manhattan Address Locator #2Any Street, any Avenue.
New York (Manhattan) Wards: Population & Density 1800-1910 Includes 'Key to Ward Locations' Map
New York City Public LibraryGenealogical Research Website
OLD Records in the Kings County Clerks OfficeWhat they have and where
State Liquor AuthorityFor Businesses that served Beer or Liquor.
A Guide to Researching the History of a New York City BuildingWonderful article by Christopher Gray..NY Times
How to Research a New York City BuildingCompiled from Columbia University Libraries
Tax PhotosFor Blk & white Tax photos..Info/Form
New York City GenWebArchives info-Cemeteries-Records etc
Manhattan Naturalization ProcessWonderful, Easy to understand format
New York City's Transit scenesPast and Present