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1900 Federal Census
List of Names (336)
373 Ralph Avenue

1920 Federal Census
List of Names (669)
373 Ralph Avenue

with Genealogical Information
for Orphans and Foundlings
Interred in Free Burial
in New York Area Cemeteries

And oh so much more..

Adoption-Orphan HelpListings of Orphanages/Agencies sent in by subscribers.Updated as I receive them

New York Orphan Records
Olive Tree Genealogy free databases
Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum, Rochester, Monroe Co., NY 1850 
Almshouse Records NYC 1855-1858 
Orphans in the Sisters of Charity Orphan Asylum, NYC 1860 
Half-Orphans in the Sisters of Charity Orphan Asylum, NYC 1860 
Orphans in St.Patrick's Orphan Asylum Rochester, Monroe Co, NY 1880 
St.Vincent's Female Orphan Asylum, Albany, Albany County, NY 1880 
St.Patrick's Male Orphan Asylum, Cortlandt, Westchester Co, NY 
Troy Catholic Orphan (Male) Asylum, Troy, Rensalaer Co, NY  1880 
St.Vincent's Orphan Protectory (Male) Uitca, Oneida Co, NY  1880 
St.Joseph's Female Orphan Asylum, Bklyn, Kings Co, NY  1880

Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum..Bedford btw Willoughby & DekalbBurns to Ground..Article from the Bklyn Eagle
1871 St. Vincent's Home for BoysSummary & Officers
1870 New York Foundling AsylumLists the workers, NOT the childen
1875 Sisters of MercyLists everyone. Sisters & Children
1880 U.S. Federal Census New York Juvenile AsylumPresented by the Illinois State Genealogical Society,transcribed by Verna Drake
1880 Federal Census Juvenile Asylum--House of ReceptionPresented by the Illinois State Genealogical Society,transcribed by Verna Drake
1890 Police CensusNew York Foundling Hospital
1880 St. Joseph Orphan AsylumBrooklyn, Kings Co
1906 St. Vincent's Home for BoysPhoto of New Home
1910 Kings County CensusBrooklyn Howard Colored Orphan Asylum
1915 Orphan AsylumsBrooklyn Listings
1924 ListHomes & Asylums..Brooklyn
1925 Nazareth Trade SchoolFarmingdale..Orphans
Confirmation ServicesBrooklyn Hebrew Orphan Asylum

Orphans' Home WebsiteNot just Brooklyn
Hebrew Orphan AsylumPicture Postcard
List of Institutions participatingOrphan Train
Orphan Train WebsiteCollection Research Site
The NY Foundling HospitalOrigins

"Long Island Farms," as it was known -- 
formally the Juvenile Department of the NYC Almshouse and later 
The Nursery schools and hospital on Randall's Island -- 
was situated in the village of Ravenswood, a short distance from
Astoria and about three miles east of Williamsburgh.

Angel Guardian Home, 12th & 64th..Photo
Brooklyn Industrial School & Home, Sterling pl..Photo
House of Good Sheperd. Hopkinson & Pacific..Photo
N.Y. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children..History
 St. John's Protectory 
For nearly 60 years St. John's Protectory stood along Broadway, in Hicksville, L.I.
w/ photo c. 1906, 1907, 1915 Home & Chapel
NY Society for Prevention of Cruelty To Children 
WEBSITE..Click on "History", 
then "George Sims Archives"
They have case files from 1875 to present, 
mainly for Manhattan residents. 
They will check their archives for a fee.
The Children's Aid Society..History, email, address
The Children's Aid Society..The Orphan Train Movement
The Children's Aid Society..Where to write
St. John's Home for Boy's..Where to write

From David Henry, who grew up there. 
He gives us a personal insight as well as history of the home.

AlmshouseHow to send for a Certificate
Adoption Mailing ListsLists upon lists for info all over. Wonderful compilation
Sisters of St. DominicOrphanage Archivist
Sisters of MercyWhere to Write for Info
Industrial School & Home for Destitute ChildrenWhere to write for records

NY Adoption Message Board
NY Adoption Mailing List
NY Adoption Database
Information About the NYS Adoption Registry

If You Need To Hire A SearcherNew York City (The Five Boroughs) Birth Name Search Service
Empty Arms..Support GroupFor women who surrendered their only child/ren to adoption and raised no others.
Adoption Reunion Resources (Soc.Sec.)Letter Forwarding We will attempt to forward a letter to a missing person under circumstances involving a matter of great importance, such as a death or serious illness in the missing person's immediate family, or a sizeable amount of money that is due the missing person. Also, the circumstances must concern a matter about which the missing person is unaware and would undoubtedly want to be informed.

Child-Caring Homes within the Archdiocese of New York in 1927
CENSUS PAGEBklyn..There are institutions listed various yars.
1930 Enumeration District Orphanages & InstitutionsBrooklyn
1930 Enumeration District Orphanages & InstitutionsManhattan
1930 Enumeration District Orphanages & InstitutionsThe Bronx
1930 Enumeration District Orphanages & InstitutionsQueens
1930 Enumeration District Orphanages & InstitutionsLOng Island
1930 Enumeration District Orphanages & InstitutionsRichmond
1930 Enumeration District Orphanages & InstitutionsDutchess, Putnam, Rockland & Westchester